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Best Hunter Folder

May 28, 1999
I'm mainly into custom autos so don't have a clue. Want to get a knife for a friend who deer hunts.He wants a folder & priority is holding edge.thankx
I would suggest the Spyderco Wegner plain edge which uses ATS-34 for the blade steel. Excellent folder for the money.
For a traditional approach, the Buck 110 has probably dressed out more deer than any folder in the last 30 years. Buck's are "famous for holding an edge". Heavy brass/wood handle, stainless clip point blade, lockback, belt-pouch carry. About $40-45 at a Wal-mart or a 'net dealer.
Buck also makes "Crosslocks", which are different configurations of two-bladed, rubber/Zytel handled hunters with liner locks and blade studs. I believe one version has a drop point regular blade and a gut hook/zipper on the other blade. Same steel as the 110.

A 21st century angle would be the highly touted Tim Wegner by Spyderco. High tech construction (G-10 handle, ATS-34 drop point blade, pocket clip, one-hand opening hole, liner lock). About twice the price of the Buck via a 'net dealer, but highly recommended by lots of folks here.
I'll third the Spyderco Wegner, plus the REKAT Pioneer II with swept point blade.
If your friend is the kind of guy who wants the heft and solid feel offered by a traditional Buck 110, you might consider going to the Pete's Custom Shop link at www.buckknives.com, where you can custom build a 110. Just by way of example, a custom 110 with BG-42 steel, your buddy's name engraved on the blade, walnut handles and standard brass bolsters would cost just around $80. That's not too much to ask for a knife that'll dress deer and more for a lifetime. Plus, he'll be able to rely on Buck's stellar customer service should something go wrong (not likely).
Plus, if the blade ever breaks, you can beat somebody to death with the heavy, clunky thing(should you get attacked by a mugger). You can do better than the Buck 110. I do agree with the BG42 blade steel. That, or CPM440V. Maybe a Spyderco Starmate?
Check out the Buck 110 with a BG-42 blade steel at Pete's Custom Knife Shop at www.buckknives.com Just what the deer hunter ordered. The 110 is THE classic deer hunting folder.
Gotta be Spyderco Wegner. An excellent design. It finds its way into my pocket more than any other knife.

Dennis Bible

After a second look thru the spydie catalog, I'll also put the Wayne Goddard liteweight in the running. Nice traditional blade shape & lockback, Zytel handle, ATS-55 blade with hole & reversible clip. Can probably be had for around $50. A good old style, new materials & ergonomics compromise.
Cold Steel Large plain-edge Clip-Point Voyager.

...A lotta knife, for not alotta money.

Dann Fassnacht
Aberdeen, WA
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The Outdoor Edge Field Lite's would also be contenders. Ztyel, studs, clip or spear points.
I have used mine to gut and clean countless squirrels and groundhogs and it works like a charm. Since October I have completely field dressed and caped 3 deer using only my Wegner. Leg and head removal honors went to various khukuris in my collection.

The Wegner is a top notch hunting knife as well as an all around carry/defensive/work knife. ATS34 can be a bit of a pain to sharpen but my Wegner responds very well to my Spyderco Triangle Sharpmaker. It will take a shivering sharp edge in minutes.

I've used mine almost every day for the past 2 years and it has never failed and has never let me down. Buy one. You will not regret it.
I'll second what others have said. If he likes traditional styling and materials, the Buck 110 from the custom shop with BG-42 blade; If he likes modern styling and materials, the Spydie Wegner. Either way he'll get a tool that will last more than his lifetime and do the required tasks with ease.

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I can also highly recommend the Cold Steel Large Voyager Clip Point. I have been skinning game with mine for several years now an it is the best knife for this purpose I have ever used. I got mine through Midsouth Shooters Supply 1-931-553-8651. Current price for the knife above is $40.96 plus $5 or so for shipping. Excellent service. Cordially, Clayton Hufford
Deer hunting ... folder ... is there anything besides the 110?

Seriously, what type of deer hunter is he? Does he like lever action rifles, traditional wood stocks and leather gear? If so, definately go with the 110.

If he likes light weight plastic stocked rifles, tech nylon gear and likes the deer hunter "neuvo" stuff, then get the Wegner.

I have both and do not think either would make a deer hunter unsatisfied.
Full size, the Wegner is a great design. A bit smaller, the Benchmade 720. My 720 has done a great job with hunting/skinning chores for a year.

Have fun,