Best place to buy knives online

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Sep 13, 2002
I know someone has asked this question before, But I need new knives cheap. Please help me out.
You might want to check out

I haven't purchased from them yet, but they do seem to have good prices. If you do buy from them, why don't you post your results.

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Argyll Mike has great pricing, delivery and customer service. Highly recommended. Just check out all of his positive feedback in Good, Bad & Ugly forum. And he supports this forum...
Check out or you can call Roger and Kristi and tell them what you need. They are great to work with.
Phone 1-888-225-9775 Just one of many places to try.

Good Luck
Shop around, because prices differ greatly ~ not only from one company to the next, but also from one item to another as well. For instance, if you're in the market for a Cold Steel Outdoorsman, Discountknives is asking $146.88, Dirt Cheap Knives has them advertised for $145.67, and the Knifecenter has them listed in their online catalog for only $129.95. Yet if you were in the market for a 5" Cold Steel Voyager, let's say, the results would be different. The Knifecenter has them listed for $49.95, Dirt Cheap Knives is asking $46.47 and Discountknives offers them for $56.25. Factor in the approximately five dollars or so for shipping and you have an even clearer picture. (Also bear in mind that the Voyagers are currently on special at the knifecenter. One week ago this same model was $54.00 plus change, which would have made quite a price gap between the offerings.)

Remember, an educated customer is a smart consumer!
And don't forget to check One Stop Knife Shop, the store that pays for this site (, or just click on Store at the top of any Bladeforums page). If they have a decent price, buy from them first!

For comparison, they have the Cold Steel Outdoorsman for $146.99 and the Voyager for $54.99. So they are competitive, and provide these great forums for us. :)


If you want a really sharp knife, purchase the Razor Edge Book of Sharpening along with their edge guide and hones. (Or wait for the next pass-around) I received the set for Christmas last year and recently purchased the accompanying video from another poster on Bladeforums. Although I was able to produce workable edges after reading the book, I was never able to obtain a true razor edge. Well, it turns out my only flaw was not attaching the edge guide correctly. After watching the video I sharpened a formerly useless POS knife to an edge so amazingly sharp that I actually shaved with it! The folks at Razor Edge Systems weren't kidding, you really can do it.

Trust me, you've got to give it a try.
Yikes! That's one crazy expensive system, but since everyone recommends it...

Must... resist...

That's it. You psycho bad influence people. :D List of what I need to get:

1. BM AFCK/710, still deciding
2. RazorEdge Apex
3. Surefire KLx (either KL1 or KL3, still haven't decided)
4. Arc AAA (Arc LS if my credit limit isn't maxed out)
edited to add:
5. SOG Powerlock
6. Strider (SnG/AR/GB) (If and when the bank heist goes well :))

As I need to get Surefire stuff *and* a Benchmade knife, I'm checking out Sableco. They seem to have excellent prices for both Benchmades and Surefires.
I edited "Strategos" to be "Sableco", sorry, I mixed up the names there. Strategos has alright prices for Surefires. Look for a discount code, might still be floating around CPF.

one45auto, you live in Columbia? I occasionally go down there, have a family friend living there. How often do you find yourself in Baltimore? I'm living at Johns Hopkins.

I'd recommend saving the bank heist for something along the lines of a Sebenza, since barring a second mortgage that's about the only way to afford one without sacrificing necessities such as groceries, housing, automobile payments, etc. ~ the list just goes on. :eek:

Okay, okay, so I'm only kidding about the second mortgage. More like a bank loan or part time job, how's that? (LOL) Seriously though, those babies are beautiful but just too expensive for my tastes. I don't mind paying for quality, but there's a limit to how high I'll go. (Namely when the price of the knife reaches the point where I could just as easily pick up a decent .357 Magnum)

I don't get up to Balmer (local lingo for those readers who may not be familiar with the regional dialect) as often as I'd like because my job keeps me situated in the Washington, D.C. Metro area. However whenever I do make it up to the Inner Harbor I invariably opt for either an evening at Phillips (I prefer the Pavillion buffet to the restaurant) or better yet The Rusty Scupper. (That trip via the water taxi is just too much fun to resist. :D ) I should also add that I take in the occasional Oriole's game too, though I prefer to ride the train. The last time we tried parking locally, the only free space I could find was in the pay lot across the street from the Aquarium. (Darn Hyatt garage was full. Grrrr...) Talk about a long walk!! :grumpy:
Thanks, pfain, for the Cumberland Knives link.

I took a look, and decided to get the AFCK 806D2. $120, a little more expensive than other places (~$106 or so),but what made me buy was:

1. Fast customer service. Thursday night, 8:48 PM email to their customer service gets replied to at 11:08 PM. Who in their right mind answers emails at 11:00 at night?!

2. Knowledgeable customer service. I ask whether the 806D2 is drilled for tip-up/tip-down carry, they reply yes. It was a polite reply too.

3. Their personal warranty. They will guarantee your knife by sending you a new one (while you send your damaged one back to them), and they will take care of the warranty issues with the company, for you. Wow.

4. The $130 order, free Sharpmaker deal. It's worth $45 (at least, plus at that online price you're looking at shipping), I'm getting it for free! :) So factor in the slightly higher price for the AFCK, I'm getting it for about 15 dollars. It'll make an excellent gift for my brother.

5. No-nonsense shipping. $7 gets my AFCK, Tuf-Glide 8oz bottle, and Sharpmaker shipped to me. I believe the base price is $6, they must have added due to the weight of the Tuf-Glide and the Sharpmaker. Not many stores tell you upfront their shipping charges, you usually have to go do the whole checkout thing.

6. The last reason I bought from them is actually not related in any way to Cumberland Knives. I'm just an impulsive knife nut. :)

People wanting to buy the 710HS might want to check out Cumberland Knives, they have it for $120, which is pretty much the lowest price I've found. Add $10 worth of stuff, get a free Sharpmaker. Granted, you're going to need a tougher sharpener for the M2. :) Get a DiaFold or something to bump your order up to $130.
6. The last reason I bought from them is actually not related in any way to Cumberland Knives. I'm just an impulsive knife nut.

I'm not going to say a thing, no way!:D ;)
Hey! Forget all those other sites. Kevin needs your help in supporting the forums. Buy from 1SKS. I do several times a year! :)
Of the lower price dealers, I have had less trouble with Discount Knives than any of the others. I did have a problem with a Marble's order, and Discount Knives would not answer my inquiries about it. However, I have had good service from them on several other orders.

Right now I am having big problems with BladeRealms, and would not recommend them. I ordered a Fallkniven A1 from them on Sept. 2. I have not recieved the knife, and BladeRealms has not answered my inquiries about it.
For those of you intimidated by Sebenza prices, remember the other place to buy knives: the Exchange forums. I just got a small Sebenza for $200, in great shape, with an excellent edge. How many Benchmades would you have postpone buying to save up that $200?
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