Best two every day carry knives...

Oct 14, 2000
What two knives would you pick as your best every day carry if you had to pick one with a 3" blade and the other with no more than a 3.5" blade?

Please choose a 3" and a 3.5" blade and give the reason for your choices

Well I'd have to say my SAK with the locking blade,the model name escapes me for the moment.I guess I would go with this knife because with the available toolchest,it is capable of handling multiple tasks.If I had a BM 940 I would probably carry that because it is a great lookin knife.Chow,Ralph
Originally posted by starchaser:
Please choose a 3" and a 3.5" blade and give the reason for your choices
I'm not quite sure I understand this as there's very little difference in size here. Are you asking for two choices for a single knife or are you asking for two knives to complement each other?

Well, the F1 is I think 3", so that's my suggestion. It's a classic proven design with a few refinements in modern proven materials, developed very much for and with users with strict functional requirements.

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The BM 940 would be my choice for a 3.5" blade since it is very thin and light and elegant looking i.e. a large gentleman's knife. The Spyderco Native is a very sturdy and thick bladed knife that is my favorite more or less 3" knife along with the small Sebenza.
I would carry a small Sebenza and the Camillus Talon. The Sebenza is a great folder, and I like the talonite blade on the Camillus knife.
Orginally posted by Griffon:
I'm not quite sure I understand this as there's very little difference in size here. Are you asking for two choices for a single knife or are you asking for two knives to complement each other?

I am asking you to pick what you think would be your best two every day carry knives (two choices for a single knife as you put it). One on the small blade size of 3" and the other a little larger 3.5" blade. I don't think a blade larger than 3.5 would be that comfortable as an every day carry for me, although I know a lot of people here do carry larger knives as an every day carry.

So I guess I am just asking everyone to pick their two favorite every day carry knives between 3" and 3.5"

Thanks for all the comments so far. It is interesting to see what all of you think.

I'd have to say that 3.5" is not enough for me. I prefer 4", and I carry a Microtech SOCOM. For a smaller blade, I carry a BM 940BT that was given to me by a fellow forums member. The blade however is about .3" above 3" in length. What can I say, I prefer bigger knives.

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I carry a SAK and a Spyderco Rescue. I know, the Rescue is an eigth over, but, what are ya gonna do?

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I carry a 940sbt in my back pocket along with a 730s in my front pocket everyday.

The 940sbt is really nice. It fits in my back pocket nicely even with my wallet in there.

And the 730s is better suited for tougher jobs.

The 940 can be thinned out to slice like a razor.

Later, Jeff





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A large R/H Sebenza clipped IWB on my right side, because it can do and has done everything I asked of it from cutting up chicken to feed a 130 people to triming wallboard. Secondly I carry a BM 705 Axis Lock in my left front pocket because its ambidextrous easy to open and less intimidating in mixed company. Also I feel these knives have the strongest and most reliable locks available. Jerry
My favorite is the full-size Benchmade AFCK. Blade length is 3.9", I believe. I have ordered a REKAT Pikuni fixed blade that will hopefully become a favorite. It has a 3" blade (I think it's listed as 3").
Guess I need to get the tape out, so I can stop thinking/believing and find out for sure.
The BM 940 is another great folder that I got recently. I love it, but it hasn't replaced the AFCK.
I picked up a small sebenza today from Murry at Proedge knives which i will use to cut apples in public while my Microtech Socom stay razor sharp in my back pocket (Four inch blade)
I guess a Pioneer SAK (2.75") and a CRKT Mirage (3.75") or Schrade LB7 (3.75"). I know the measurements are not per your specs, but it is as close as I could get.
If you're simple
Busse Basic #3 and Spyderco Starmate

If you're rich
Busse Mean Street and REKAT Carnivore Cub

The fixed blades are easy on carry with the prybar option. Each folder has a good lock with decent steel. I think each knife should be roughly the same size.
BM 42, right and left hand carry. Ok, maybe not the work horses your looking for, but it needed to be said. Just one Q, isn't the Rekat less expensive then the Starmate? think it is...
Sounds like so far the BM 940 is a favorite along with the small Sebenza which cost quite a bit more.

I like the BM 940 and wish I could buy a small Sebenza...that would be a perfect compliment for me
I carry a Spyderco Delica or Native clipped to my right front pocket. A Spydercard in my wallet, and a Ladybug on my keyring. In my right front pocket I currently carry a Victorinox pocket-pal, but am considering a Spydie mini-dyad. What can I say, I like Spydercos.

Spyderco, Benchmade, and Victorinox are my personal favorites (they fit my budget and my needs.) I most often find myself with either the Spyderco G-10 Rookie and the swiss army knife or the BM 905S with the swiss army knife. The BM rides considerably lower in the pocket for a more discreet carry.