Best two every day carry knives...

i carry my crkt bear claw about everywhere i go. i would like to get anothwer blade soon, to go with it, as i gave away my other daily carry blade a gerber e z out jr. to my brother in law ( he had no carry knife. I am thinking about one of the crkt folders.

btw if instead of inches we were to go with a 3 to 3 1/2 foot blade i would be much happier. as i love claymores.

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Small Sebenza and a SAK Victorinox Workchamp.

Compact, tough cuttig instrument and a delicate yet versatile tool.
For 3 1/2", any small Kit Carson knife

For 3", small Sebenza.

However, the small Carson M16 with 3 1/2" blade and titanium is so light, there's no need to be carrying anything smaller. Why give up 1/2" of blade for no reason? I also think tip down carry is preferable for IWB, as I've had Sebenza's come open a little bit due to your body rubbing on it. With tip down, it's no problem.
I carry a small Sebenza for my plain edge and a Spyderco Rescue Jr withstainless handles for my serrated. This is a perfect combo. I am constantly looking for better knives to take the place of the ones that I carry and keep coming up empty. I might have found perfection. Wouldn't that stink


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Kellam's Heidi-knife and an inexpensive Kellam's Utility-knife. They are sharp and their edge lasts long in use.
Have been carrying the same Victorinox camper for the last 14 years, use pretty much everything but the blade. Back pocket gets a Cold Steel medium Tanto Voyager, like that combination of straight hollow grind and strong point.

The lock blade might be something different if I had more money to burn