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Beware Blade Shop Scam

Same exact thing happened to me. I canceled an order that was never shipped. (Canceled because it was backordered and I only ordered it because they said it was in stock). Took me 3 months and then I finally called my credit card company and they were thankfully able to resolve it.
These guys suck!!!! What a joke of a company!!!! Pathetic .... Im even angry at google for allowing them to pop up 1st when you look up blades as if they are reputable... Im sure they have to pay thru the nose for that spot on google....
ON THE OTHER HAND, YOU HAVE "EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE" FROM A GREAT COMPANY LIKE "BLADE HQ".... They are the complete opposite of that joke called blade shop...
I've successfuly ordered from them several times, even from Afghanistan and the Marshall Islands...APO mailboxes. Never a problem. After reading this I'll try some others as I don't want to support bad business. I was always impressed with their prices.
I am always wary of "family owned shops" that have no physical shop. It would not surprise me if there address did not lead to them.
Thanks for a good heads up man. Whether you know it or not, it's greatly appreciated and has and can save many others from this same type of hassle and scam.
Mark in Ky.
"Blade Authority = The Blade Shop (same company)...... Both SUCKS !!! Taken off http://www.resellerratings.com/store/The_Blade_Shop, but I have no dog in this fight.

Post from one customer: " " " Rating 6/10 3/5 modified review posted Jan-10-2013
"The Blade Shop (or Blade Authority as they changed their name because of too many bad reviews). I received my knife in 5 days after placing the order. I arrived ups and was in brand new condition, stating Blade Authority on packing slip. I would no place another order with this company though, despite the good service I received. The 1877-291-1328 was never in service and the company changing their name is kinda funny, doesn't make me feel secure, as I wanted to order a BM Infidel." " " "
What I want to know is why a reputable knife manufacturer, such as ESEE, Ka-Bar, Becker, Spyderco, et al would even allow their distributors to do business with them. There should be some sort of mechanism in place for manufacturer's to prevent distributors from selling to retailers who pull off this ongoing "criminal enterprise".