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BIG HOARDER SALE! Tons of Folders..BM, Spyderco, Emerson, Chris Reeve, WH, Microtech

Discussion in 'For Sale: Folding Knives (Individual)' started by rcontre81, Jan 6, 2014.

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  1. rcontre81


    Jul 14, 2006
    I am a hoarder...had an intervention and thus...this.....got tons of Benchmades, Spyderco, Emerson, Kershaw, Chris Reeve, William Henry, Camillus Cuda, Lone Wolf, Microtech....take a look at the pics...you are bound to find something you like. Thanks for looking and hopefully helping to relieve the problem.





    Kershaw,Lone Wolf,Al Mar, Chris Reeve


    Emerson, Camillus CUDA


    William Henry





    1. Police Tuffram (aluminum) RARE NIB $SPF
    2. Police Titanium RARE NIB $SPF
    3. Police G10 (old school) serrated RARE NIB $SPF
    4. Police G10 (old school) plainedge RARE NIB $SPF
    5. Police Carbon Fiber RARE CC#289 like new no box (scuffs on clip) $SPF
    6. Military satin old school serr. CPM 440V NIB $245
    7. Military satin S30V NIB $SOLD
    8. Impala (no guthook RARE) plainedge NIB $SOLD
    9. Impala guthook serrated rare NIB $SOLD
    10. Manix Fullsize Original NIB $SPF
    11. Spyker (Kershaw/Spyderco collab) RARE NIP $SOLD
    12. Chinese LUM Black Almite ZDP189 NIB $150
    13. Catcherman RARE Yellow NIB $195
    14. Tuffram Civilian Original w/pouch light scuffs $200
    15. Matriarch Old School ATS-55 NIB $185
    16. Goddard rare old school NIB $145
    17. Goddard Sprint Run Burgundy NIB $150
    18. Vesuvius 2002 Forum Knife Version RARE NIB $SOLD
    19. Native Blue 2003 Forum knife RARE NIB $295
    20. Adventura Spyderco Forum Knife 2005 LNIB (couple light scuffs) $SOLD
    21. TMAG RARE NIB (collector#158) $SOLD
    22. Almite Worker (original) old school NIB $SOLD
    23. Rookie Original Old school plainedge NIB $SOLD
    24. Terzuola MINI OLD SCHOOL plainedge (experimental?) NIB $SOLD
    25. "S" almite Grey NIB $185, "S" almite Black NIB $185 (forgot to picture)
    26. Mini Dyad micarta old school NIB $195


    27. BM 330 Titanium D2 NIB $SPF
    28. BM 720SBTF Prototype NIB $205
    29. BM 690-01 CF/Ivory NIB $SOLD
    30. BM 690CF Carbon Fiber BC1 blade NIB $SOLD
    31. BM 940SLV Silver Limited NIB $SOLD
    32. BM 940TI Titanium NIB $SOLD
    33. BM 941D2CF Carbon Fiber D2 RARE NIB $SOLD
    34. BM 941TI-01 Titanium S30V RARE NIB $SOLD
    35. BM 941BC1BL Blue BC1 blade RARE NIB $SOLD
    36. BM 710-02 Alum/G10 inlay prototype NIB $265
    37. BM 705-02 Alum/G10 inlay Prototype NIB $SOLD
    38. BM 705BC1HS Forum Special M2 steel RARE NIB $SOLD
    39. BM 960-01 Pearl (black pearl) RARE NIB $SPF
    40. BM 960 Osbourne w/Pearl (white pearl) NIB $SPF
    41. BM 771BC1-01 red/blk NIB $205
    42. BM 805S TSEK 440C pre-prod NIB $195
    43. BM 806BK-901 NIB M4 steel $385
    44. BM 806SBK-901 NIB M4 steel $325
    45. BM 806D2 AFCK RARE NIB $SOLD
    46. BM 806SD2 AFCK RARE (pre-prod) NIB $235
    47. BM 800S AFCK original NIB $225
    48. BM 800SBT-LH AFCK (left hand) original NIB $245
    49. BM 800BT AFCK 154CM original NIB $275
    50. BM 880BT Dark Star Elishewitz NIB $175
    51. BM 880SBT-SPL special edition Dark Star Elishewitz NIB $185
    52. BM 885BT mini dark star Elishewitz First Prod. #324/1000 NIB $135
    53. BM 910HS Stryker M2 steel (used w/box) $145
    54. BM 910SBTCG Stryker RARE Chisel Grind (first prod.) NIB $245
    55. BM 910HSSR M2 Steel serrated edge NIB $SOLD
    56. BM 625-BLK (black) Crawford Leopard NIB $235
    57. BM 625-CLR (silver) Crawford Leopard NIB $235
    58. BM 720BT Aluminum Rare NIB $185
    59. BM 722S G10 Pardue First Production NIB $180
    60. BM 722S G10 Pardue First Production NIB $180
    61. BM 720SBTSL Skyline Camo RAR NIB $265
    62. BM 950-801 Rift Limited Carbon Fiber #124/200 NIB $325
    63. BM/Bradley Alias I LNIB (small scuff on tip) $165
    64. BM 730BT Ares plainedge rare NIB $SOLD
    65. BM 425 Gravitator NIB $SOLD
    66. BM 425BK Gravitator NIB $250
    67. BM 740BK Dejavoo RARE NIB $SPF
    68. BM 750SBK Pinnacle rare NIB $SOLD
    69. BM 610SBK Rukus (mild use) $SOLD
    70. BM Blackwater 16600BT RARE plainedge NIB $SOLD
    71. BM 921BTGY Grey Switchback RARE #16/100 NIB $265
    72. BM 921BT-400 Switchback RARE #16/100 NIB $275
    74. BM 940-801 D2 steel Blue limited edition RARE NIB $SOLD
    75. BM 943BK Osbourne Black/Black NIB $175
    76. BM/Harley Davidson 13960BK-BLUE NIB $175
    77. BM 670BK Apparition Disc. Rare NIB $SOLD
    78. BM 670DM-501 Damascus Carbon Fiber RARE NIB $SOLD
    79. BM 773BC1 black handles old RARE NIB $195
    80. BM 771 grey/silver handles rare old NIB $SOLD
    81. BM 335AGR AG Russell release light use with box $140
    82. BM 335 Big Spender Prototype NIB $155
    83. BM 450BC1 Terzuola ParkAvenue Pre-Prodo #3/1000 NIB $165
    84. BM 310 Benchmite (pre-production) #279/1000 NIB $195
    85. BM 310S Benchmite serrated rare limited edition #102/300 NIB $235
    86. BM 3100 Auto Benchmite NIB $195
    87. BM 3100-402 #238/500 Auto Benchmite NIB $255
    88. BM/Bradley Alias 2 NIB (edge polished) $SOLD

    89. Kershaw Mini Cyclone TI ZDP-189 RARE NIB $SOLD
    90. Kershaw Offset Onion RARE NIB $265

    91. Original Lone Wolf T2 Harsey RARE French Walnut scales NIB $SOLD
    92. Original Lone Wolf LOBO Damascus/Palmwood Dual Action Auto RARE NIB $SOLD
    93. Original Lone Wolf Tighe Tactical Folder NIB $SOLD

    94. Al Mar HAWK mother of pearl NIB $135

    Chris Reeve

    95. Umnumzaan Tanto NIB w/LBS and Idaho Stamp $SOLD
    96. Large Regular Sebenza BG42 (1999) NIB (no label on box) $SOLD
    97. Large Regular Sebenza BG42 Solar Wind CGG NIB $SOLD
    98. Large Sebenza Classic Snakewood inlay NIB $SOLD
    99. Large Regular Sebenza BG42 Unique Graphic NIB $SOLD


    100. 2002 TAD Gear Super Commander Green NIB $SOLD
    101. 1999 Commander BTS LNIB (minor marks) $SOLD
    102. Mini Commander SFS like new (light carry) no box $SOLD
    103. 1999 CQC7-A rare NIB $195
    104. HD-12 BTS Full Titanium NIB $SOLD
    105. CQC-12 BT G10/TI LNIB $SOLD
    106. 1998 Raven-B BTS LNIB $SOLD
    106-2 White water rescue lagriffe NIB $SOLD


    107. CAMILLUS CUDA Spear First Production rare plainedge NIB $235
    108. CAMILLUS CUDA Tanto First Production rare plainedge NIB $235
    109. CAMILLUS CUDA Tanto First Production serrated NIB $195
    110. CAMILLUS CUDA Spear First Production serrated NIB $195
    111. CAMILLUS CUDA Spear Black Coated plainedge NIB $195
    112. Camillus EDC Framelock NIB plainedge $115


    113. T12 Aloha 6/25 NIB $1175
    114. B12-CT attache NIB $SPF
    115. T12-BT Black and Tan CF NIB $SOLD
    116. B7-FTB Westcliff NIB $325
    117. B7-FTD Westcliff Damascus NIB $SOLD
    118. T10 Savannah NIB #10/30 $975
    119. B12-1112 Tribal Carved Pearl/sterling/gems Mint in box #8/50 $SPF
    120. B05-1104 Blackbeard pearl skull inlay/blacklip/sterling/gems pearl Mint in box #6/50 $SPF


    121. Dragonfly Serrated Bali NIB $SOLD
    122. LCC Manual Black Blade Serrated NIB $345
    123. LCC Manual Stonewash Plain NIB $SOLD
    124. Amphibian rare Green handles (light scuffing) in box $SOLD
    125. SOCOM Rare Camo NIB $395
    126. M-Socom-A tanto NIB $SOLD
    127. Kestrel Manual NIB $SOLD
    128. Option II (carried) no box $SOLD

    MOD (original)

    129. Cara Cara Manual NIB $SOLD
    130. Cara Cara-A NIB $SOLD
    131. Tempest Manual NIB $SOLD
    132. Watson Point Man NIB $SOLD

    133. Microtech Manus no box or sheath $115
    135. Microtech Wallet knife Marfione dagger NIB $205

    Prices include shipping via USPS Priority Mail with tracking in the CONUS. Insurance is extra if you would like to add that which is based on total value (recommended) at your request.

    International shipping is available as well but at your cost and at your own full risk from carrier, via method of your choice (pending local availability).

    Payment via Cashiers Check/Money Order (preferred) or Paypal +3% (no gift)

    If you feel prices are off...please do not hesitate to make a reasonable offer via pm or email...
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  2. knifefan650


    Jan 23, 2013
  3. charlie2times

    charlie2times Basic Member Basic Member

    Aug 11, 2013
    I'm crying tears of joy right now.
  4. MountNormal


    Dec 27, 2011
    Did you take a vacation day from work to type this all out? Gonna watch this one for a while...
  5. harleyguy02


    Jun 2, 2009
    I will take number 96
  6. rcontre81


    Jul 14, 2006
    you got it.
  7. killteamTRS


    Nov 30, 2007
    Email sent
  8. groveinthedark


    Jul 2, 2013
    back up on 96
  9. marino_lp


    Aug 3, 2008
    WOW i think one of my eyeballs may have left the socket!

    I am sending you an offer via PM
  10. eschwebach


    Jul 16, 2012
    I will take...

    32. BM 940TI Titanium NIB $285
  11. groveinthedark


    Jul 2, 2013
    ill take 95 then! send info pls.
  12. treeshaker


    Dec 11, 2013
    i will take #7 pm sent
  13. mikepapa1


    Jun 8, 2013
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2014
  14. Spc338


    Oct 7, 2013
    Mother of god that's quite a collection you got there!!!
  15. miltmaldo

    miltmaldo Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 5, 2012
    Back up on 32
  16. Swiftyslow2


    Jan 1, 2014
    Those 940s are amazing!!! If I had the money... Beautiful collection man, I'm jealous!
  17. groveinthedark


    Jul 2, 2013
    PM sent on 95
  18. colubrid

    colubrid Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 26, 2005
    I wish these knives were placed in order with prices cause I want some but don't know the model #'s attached.
  19. blackend


    Dec 21, 2002
    sorry, withdrawn
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2014
  20. harleyguy02


    Jun 2, 2009
    Payment sent
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