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Biggest Knife You've Ever Carried On A Regular Basis

May 2, 1999
For me it depends, my biggest knife, when open, was a folder, a 17 inch navaja that was maybe 9 inches closed.

The biggest fixed blades would have been in the range of 13 or 14 inches. Various bowies and camp knives, and most recently a Project 1.

The best way I know to carry a big knife is get a sheath with an eye at the very tip, feed some paracord through the eye, tie it in a loop, put the loop around your belt, and stick the knife, handle down, into your pocket, and leave your shirt untucked. Draw by pulling on the cord. Oh, you'll probably want to wear this rig on your weak side, pull the cord with your weak hand, and draw the knife from the sheath with your strong hand.

You can hide a lot of knife this way.

You can also cut a hole in the bottom of your pocket and stitch a sheath into the pocket and carry a big knife that way.

If anybody asks, just say you're happy to see them...

If you do that with one of those pair of jeans that they sell to motorcycle racers that have the kevlar reinforcements, you've got yourself a hot pair of tactical pants.

If you do that with some daisy dukes, you've got a pair of tactical hotpants...
My largest regular carry was as a juvenile delinquent 15-year old. I would frequently carry a 9" lock-bladed folding pruning saw (much like a navaja in shape). The teeth were really wicked, needle-sharp and 1/4" long. It could be flicked open as fast as a switchblade and was about 18" long overall. It was like flicking out a short sword. The point was absolutely useless, but it scared the hell out of anyone who saw me whip it out. I could fit the thing in my kakhi pants pocket. The best thing about it was that it wasn't a "knife" if I was busted, just a garden tool.

I wouldn't say that I did it often, but on occasion I have toted some 7-8" bladed fighting daggers. My favorite carry is a type of shoulder sheath. I take a sheath and stitch a thin canvas strap in a loop to the point end of the sheath. The loop fits over my left shoulder under my button front shirt. The knife hangs upside down. I leave one of my lower shirt buttons open. I reach my hand through the shirt opening to draw. The knife must be secure when inverted yet quick to draw. I made and/or modified sheaths to have a strap at the cross guard that I could unsnap with my thumb.

My later models used an elastic strap over to my right shoulder to keep the shoulder strap from slipping off my left shoulder. (People look at a guy funny when it seems like he is continually adjusting his 'bra' strap). If you wear an untucked shirt (pretty necessary if your shirt doesn't button up the front) you can also run an elastic strap from the handle-end of the sheath and your belt. This helps to stabilize the knife.

My other big knife carry was to cut out my right front pants pocket and tape or strap a knife to my thigh. If your handle is reasonably flat this is also remarkably inconspicuous for up to a 12' blade.

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I carry a Buck 110 or Gerber Magnum LST. I like the way they fill out my hands unlike the current tactical folders. Sure a CS VG would fill out my hands better but that is more knife than I want on a daily basis

"A knifeless man is a lifeless man"
-Nordic proverb

How regular is regular?

My 4.5" Mad Dog Lab Rat is the largest knife that I have carried to work on a frequent basis. In the slip sheath, it is very inconspicuous in a pants pocket.

My regular carry is going to be a 4.25" Apogee. I carried it constantly when I first got it, and it carries very nicely. It is being updated right now, and I am very anxious to get it back.

I am really looking forward to getting my 3/16" Mad Dog Wild Thing. I am hoping the slip sheath will make it feasible for that to be a very frequent carry.

The biggest Knife I have ever carried on a regular basis is probebly a Benchmade Mini Stryker, cause that is the only knife I carry.

Wait'll Jim March sees this thread....

-Cougar Allen :{)

P.S. I've never carried anything longer than 4" (10cm) on a regular basis. Sorry ... Jim's post will make up for mine, though.

-Cougar :{)

P.P.S. Mad Dog McClung and at least a couple of other people carry Panthers in Dundee rigs all the time -- a Panther has a 10" (25cm) blade and nearly all the back is sharp, too. I have seen posts about carrying short swords but I don't think anybody does it on a daily basis. I think Jim March is going to be the winner with his Outsider and the Panther carriers are going to be tied for second place. Who knows, though; maybe we have a member who regularly carries a bolo or khukuri -- or a sword cane??? Come to think of it, I used to carry a sword cane fairly regularly ... not 24/7, but more than occasionally.

The only one I use on a regular basis...that is when I go downtown or some other place I dont feel comfortable is my Cold Steel VG. I just stick it in my back pocket/no sheath.


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I carry a Panther when social conditions dictate. My Dundee rig is modified with two straps so it functions like suspenders. Otherwise, I carry it suspended from a Camel Back Mule.
Another vote for the MAD DOG Panther in the Dundee Rig. Carries very well.

Colin: How did you modify your Dundee?

Benchmade Axis-Lock or Spike probably: I don't carry big knives really.


Robert Joseph Ansbro

If it can be written, or thought, it can be filmed.
-Stanley Kubrick, 1928-1999
Biggest knife normally carried? Would be my black SEAL auto with the bayonet blade. For an auto it is on the big side. The Charlie Ochs knife is well made and always works.

The largest knives I regularly carry are fixed blades with blades in the 5 inch range. Such as the Chris Reeve Shadow IV and RJ Martin Quickening, CS Kobun and Desperado.
My folders are small, large Sebenza, Socom. One exception is my CS XL clip point voyager I occasionally carry.
CS 5" Vaquero. Its not much compared to some of those mentioned, but its enough to scare the pi$$ out of most anybody.

Just because I talk to myself doesn't mean I'm crazy. What's wrong with getting a second opinion?

I replaced the strap at the top of the sheath with a short length of webbing attached to nylon triangle and threaded two Dundee style straps through the triangle. I also added two suspender type adjusters to the straps to make fitting easier. I believe all of the hardware is Fastex.

Buck 110 or SOG Trident folder (depends on how you define large); and in a fixed blade, an 18" machete and a Gerber BMF (or similar large bowie).

The biggest knife I carried regularly had a 12" blade. It was an Al Mar Alaskan Bowie. I also carried an Anaconda II regularly (10" blade). The two ways to I carried those blades depended on where I was at. During the days I could stay at the cabin, it would ride opposite my custom .44 Redhawk on a big leather belt. On the days I was in the city, I used my Bladerigger SB3 (www.bladerigger.com) under a jacket or a long shirt (my wife custom makes them).

When I was young(er) and stupid(er), I used to carry a Buck Buckmaster inverted along my spine in a modified figure-8 paracord rig. Not very long and heavy as hell, but a good thick leather motorcycle coat or Alpha MA-1 flight jacket hid it pretty well. Draw was easy, too- unsnap retaining strap and this huge, heavy hunk of steel just *fell* into your hand.
BTW- those Rambo like knifelike objects may not last for ****, but they will put the fear of *GOD* into most people. (It was carried for self-defense and utility only.)

"If you think education is expensive, try ignorance."
-Derek Bok


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On a (semi)-regular basis? VG. I've carried cheap Chinese $10 7" fixed-blades in my younger days, but we're talking quality here (and maturity

Other than that, if you could consider an AFCK a "big" knife...

"Earth has its boundaries, but human stupidity is limitless."

CS 5" Vaquero,every day in my back pocket. I have a shoulder rig for a CS type 6"tanto that I wore from time to time in my rowdier days and another for my 12" EDMF trench bowie but I almost never wear that. If things get that bad it much easier to pack a pistol or two.
This probably doesn't count but when I am in the field I carry either a generic filipino made bolo or (now) a CS Gurka kukri, attached to the pistol belt on my 782 gear. Now on a regular basis I always carry my Lg. Sebenza (best folding Knife I have ever owned!)