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Biggest Knife You've Ever Carried On A Regular Basis


The bigger knife i have been carrying on a regular basis was a german bayonnet.

Smith-Wesson S.W.A.T. 3000B./partial serrate(4 3/4"). On the job, UPS driver, it fits very nice in hand. The black finish seems to repel moisture(sweat) very well as I keep it clipped on my right pocket. It is quick to open, easy to cut straps and very tags off boxes and is also a great "Anti-Dog Device"! I alos carry the Spyderco Delica in my left pocket as well.
Well let's see. I used to carry a 6" Blade often times when i went out. With this particular knife came a strap that cliped on a belt loop on my back, flipped over a shoulder and had another clip for another belt loop. The sheath on the strap was set to move so you could put it on your back or stomach. I usually put in on my stomach, easier to pull and conceal unless wearinga large coat. but i also got strange looks from people thinking i was adjusting a bra strap or something. and after a while that i didn't get used to it slipping more over my shoulder i decided to stop wearing it that often. So now i just go with my AFCK and Endura, occaisionally a chisel point 4" blade on my ankle as well.

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I usually carry my BM Tsunami (right pocket) and my CS plainedge tanto voyager 4" blade (left pocket). I have carried my new concept bodyguard sport(9") handle down inside a barn coat, but after a particularly stupid wading accident I still mourn the loss of that knife...