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Bill Ruple Copperhead


Dealer / Materials Provider
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Oct 26, 2005
I took a few quick shots,to share,definitly a bad camera day,still a nice custom slip though.3-5/8" closed CPM 154 ss
That's a great-looking knife you've got there vcm3. :thumbup:
I love seeing how the end of the tang is all hidden "inside" the bolsters when the blade is closed.
Makes it all so much more comfortable in the pocket.

/ Karl
Ole Bill never ceases to amaze me! His work is so elegant and clean.

Beautiful knife!:thumbup::thumbup:
I am sorry I just can't see the beauty in that knife :rolleyes: The only way possible for me to actually see if that is truly a magnificent custom drool puppy is if you mail it to my house for a physical evaluation..:D

I will email you my address..:)

Wooooweeee that's a Jim Dandy, you folks with the Ruples better lock up your windows when I sneak into town...

Thanks for sharing,

Thanks guys,Nice one Thomason,yeah we both have similar good tastes,lol!!...One real cool little detail on this knife,I don't know if you can make it out,the main pin,is peened , or domed,but a mini "hammered" finish,kinda matches the unique jigging on the amber bone.The other 2 pins are smooth.What would you call the jig pattern on this bone?
Nice knives guys! Maybe we should form a Ruple copperhead club! He sure makes a nice knife:
Wow... those are some gorgeous knives! :thumbup: It seems like they would make good users too.

I don't know what you would call that particular jig pattern on the amber bone, but it looks great! :)
Wow! Some beautiful work being shown here. They are a pleasure to view.
They look nice. Noob here what makes these a copperhead???
The little lip on the bolster at the blade end. This little lip hides the blade tang when the knife is closed. Canoes have the same feature, but on both ends.

If you hold your head a certain way and don't get too picky about it I guess you could say this lip looks a little like snake teeth. I've always assumed this is where the Copperhead name came from. Now someone who really knows will come along and make this look silly, but then, that's how we learn... :foot:

The Canoe's name comes from the same phenomenon: The lip on both ends makes it look like an old fashioned canoe.

-- Sam
Man, those sure are some good looking knives. The file work just makes them that much sweeter.

To each his own, but file work annoys me. I just can't seem to find a way to appreciate it. It has prevented me from buying many knives.

To each his own, but file work annoys me. I just can't seem to find a way to appreciate it. It has prevented me from buying many knives.

I usually don't really go for the filework either,I mean I like to look at it,but since I like to think I intend on carrying the knives I buy,filework isn't usually necessary.If you were to run your finger on the backsprings,of the knife,where the filework is,Bill Ruple seems to have a way,to make it as smooth,as if it were not there.This is the second Ruple I've owned,both had filework,that did not bother me,nicely done,nice to look at.I like the extra touch of the middle lines on this here copperhead.
I, too, prefer my folders without filework.
Mainly because sooner or later, most of them end up in my pocket. And particularly going hunting or fishing, the filework has a tendency to collect all sorts of dirt. Hair, skin, blood, guts, fish-scales... It's enough trouble keeping the knife reasonably clean without the fileworks.
However, for cupboard queens or knives I know I definitely, definitely won't use for hunting/fishing, I could well have filework.
Because it sure is pretty!!! :D

/ Karl
Karl,I can garauntee you,I will not be down at the beach cutting squid strips with this one,lol,but I will carry it,and gently use it