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Blackwoods, Anyone?

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Apr 3, 2002
...Bueller? Anyone?

Special Customs for Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa...or, whatever your choice of celebration for this Holiday Season might be... :santa: :xmastree: :xmaslol:

Anyway, progress with The Collectors' Show has been moving along well - but, in making sure that I do it right, the continued advertising costs are adding up. So, I figured that a great way to share some Holiday Spirit by offering some of the rare, unique Custom Blackwoods that I've been a'collectin' for awhile now...

Thanks go to Neil, too - for making some of the coolest knives...

So, here they are, from top:

'One-Off', Talonite/Fibermascus Super Melee w/assymetric grinds and Gargoyle on the obverse. Comes with Charles Snody Shark sheath. This is arguably the finest 'big' fighter that Neil has made - and, it's in talonite... When will he ever make another? :dunno: - Gone, to Gabe... Thanks Buddy.

Hand-rubbed (oooh), S-30v Melee with Neil's kydex - Neil's told me that he won't 'hand-rub' these anymore - no matter how much the S-30v 'got-off' on it...

The Damascus Set - Slim Melee and Mini Ninja. Neil used the D.Thomas damascus and premium Desert Ironwood that I provided him - then he brought some black g-10 to the party, along with his imagination - to create the only set of its kind. :bowdown:

These, too, come with Neil's kydex - the Mini has a ball-chain for neck carry.

Last, but not least, Miami Ninja #7 in talonite with Neil's kydex

I would be interested in partial trades for select pieces from the following makers:

Phil B.
Bob T - Fixed preferred. Secondly - non"parts-bin" folders - True Customs
Hammond Fixed
Jerry Hossom
Possibly - Old Skool Emerson
MS or select JS Hunters, Fighters or Bowies
Maybe a Sinn EZM-1 - (3H only)

This trade offer is good until 12/21/04 - I need our arrangements to be completed on that date - then these will be pulled. Thank you for your consideration and, also, for looking... :wreath: :)

please email me for a group image - THX

I've edited-out the mention of "sale", as non-Gold members are not allowed to SELL items here at BladeForums, and this is a for TRADE forum anyway....
...I spaced where I was...

Update: our resident gentleman of great taste in fine cutlery, Gabe Newell has hoovered up the one-off Talonite Super-Melee...

All the others are still available -although, since there have been a couple of serious inquiries about the Hand-Rubbed Melee, I think that it would be fair to make a sequential list of any who are interested in that one.

My idea is to honor the requests of the 1st two individuals who have responded, in order of their emails, and seem to be serious about wanting to work something out on this one - and, if it remains unspoken for, then continue down the list, sequentially. Sound reasonable?

Thanks for looking!!!