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Oct 2, 1998
Later this year we will start the world's largest On-Line knife magazine dedicated to the Knife Enthusiast.

Many things are already on the drawing board but we could use some suggestions from the members.

Here is what is already in the works.
What's New!
This will have the appearance of the What's New section in popular Science and other mags. We will highlight new knives, accesories and technologies in the knife industry.

Each month we will have features on various knife products and accessories. Similar to how the magazines look right now but with a really cool twist.
For example, while you are reading an article you will notice that specific words will have hyperlinks which will take you either to the makers site of the product featured or a definition of a word.

Each month we will test different knives. Hopefully I can come up with a rating system that will be fair and based on the MSRP of the knives tested so you can cross reference tests.

Maker Spotlight
Each month we will spot light a specific Custom knife maker.

Regular Features
To the Point - My monthly column on the knife industry as a whole
Letters to the Editor - Your place to talk about previous articles and your spin on things
Reader Project of the Month - Each month we will show a readers home made project knife!
From the Forge - An article on knife making techniques by different makers
Stay Sharp! - An article featuring tricks on how to keep your knife sharp

We could use any suggestions you have and anyone wishing to right articles for us should contact me ASAP.

Dealers wishing to advertise in this new area are encouraged to contact us.
The advertising in this new area will be page specific. Meaning you will sponsor a specific page and each time someone clicks on that page your ad will be highlighted.

Also this on-line magazine will need to generate revenue so there will be a charge for it.
What would be a fair price? My first thought would be around $3.00 month
If we did charge $3.00 per month how many of you would subscribe?

Looking forward to your replies!

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

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Have the on-line subscribtion free for a couple of months and see how people like it. You can offer a flat rate yearly fee of say $25/yr (from when you first join), or $2.50/mo if you chose to get it on a monthly basis. You will make up the money thru the volume of membership. Just my 2 cents worth


Sounds good to me.. First month FREE!

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

An On-line mag from Blade Forums would definitely be a welcome addition to online activities involved with the cutlery industry. I await its conception with enthusiasm!
Mike, please don't forget us auto nuts, how about a monthly column on the order of "Make Mine Automatic".

"Every Dog Has His Day"

Also a collectors corner for older traditional style knives. How about a question column for cutlery related things sort of historical (ex.How did the Congress get its name) that type of knife related questions. Also a monthly cutlery quiz for small prizes. Guest editorials? A monthly steel column. Members profiles.Pick a member a month for a small human interest type story thing.These are just a few thoughts I'm sure more will come.
Great idea Mike; another suggestion would be to add a monthly article on the legal side of knives...different states' laws, pending legislation, etc.

I will subscribe. An annual subscription is more to my liking, and $25.00-30.00 seems reasonable.

The on-line magazine should be worth 3 bucks a month. I'd subscribe. We subscribers may want to avoid copying huge sections of articles or pretty pictures that are copyrighted in the magazine over to the free forum.

Well how about a Want Add, and a For Sell, section. Charge to run the adds. Like $1.00 a month for the add. A section just for Microtech and one for Benchmade (or what ever). Not an Auction thing just adds for knives that we want to sell out right. I would like to sponsor this page if you think it will fly.

Danny Ridenhour
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This has my interest. Sign me up for my free month whenever you decide to begin the subscriptions.

It will be interesting to see how the dynamics between BladeForums and the on-line magazine come into play.

I would like to see an area of the magazine devoted to the use of knives in martial arts and self defense. Perhaps some guest interviews with those blade experts and those proficient in martial arts. We hear from some on the forums, but this would be a vehicle to bring in some new/uninterviewed talent. This could include training and techniques as well as exploration of some uniques knives and their use.
Great idea Mike,
Don't forget the cyberspace angle. A column each month showcasing a different knife website (starting with BladeForums of course) would be of interest to your readers.
As a frustrated, as of yet unknown, writer I would be more than happy to contribute. Good luck!
Go Mike!!!
Sounds great! I'll subscribe, if its anywhere near as good as your forum, $3.00 a month is more than worth it. I would like to see a section devoted to lower priced but still good quality knives(ie. Cold Steel) for those who aren't as well off (like me). just a suggestion. I liked the classified section idea. The legal side of knives idea would be excellent. Keep up the good work.

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This sounds fantastic!

I stopped buying knife magazines because I felt as though I was paying to have someone send me advertisements. Most are 75% ads and the remaining columns are really just thinly veiled ads themselves. If you are going to make this thing a success, I'd recommend keeping advertising as unobtrusive as possible (this forum shows you know how) and getting reviews that are brutally honest and straightforward. Don't be a slave to your advertisers!

I know that's doubly hard because you sell the products that will be reviewed, but honest, straightforward reviews are the heart of a knife magazine. The day I gave up on knife mags was when I saw a review of a knife where the lock failed under moderate hand pressure and the reviewer said he "couldn't give it top marks." That's the worst thing I've ever heard said about a knife, and the lock actually failed! It's as if on a scale of 1-10 knife reviewers work only from 7-10. If you want a magazine that folks will trust and appreciate, don't review the knives advertisers pay you to (by giving you their business) and always say good things about them - instead review knives people want to hear about and be completely honest in what you publish about them. The money lost in angered advertisers could be made up in subscriptions from folks who trust what your magazine says, and this volume will draw in more scrupulous advertisers as well.

Also, never, EVER, review knock-off knives. That only lends legitimacy to the ugliest side of this industry. I wrote to the Editor-in-Chief of KI once to protest the publishing of a review of the Junglee Shenzai, which is effectively an AFCK rip-off. He agreed with my assessment of the knife and said that he had protested other knives in their line for the same reason, but what it came down to was that their advertising paid the bills. Avoiding this relationship with advertisers must be key to maintaining the integrity of a magazine. maybe that's a pipe-dream, but the relatively low cost of online publishing may let your project do things that paper mags have never been able to - like breaking free of the grip of advertisers.

That's my suggestion. Good luck to you, and sign me up!
Sign me up! Don't forget a martial arts column; complete with pictures of tehnique sequences.
Sounds like a great idea, Mike. I would be sure to subscribe, and would love to add any of my input deemed suitable.