Bladeshow West?

J. Hoffman

Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider
Jan 1, 2011
Yes, but compared to LAX? SLC is closer to me, but costs twice as much to fly to. LA metro had massive edge here over SLC for cost, and ease of getting to. Plus the added perk of drawing in international collectors and makers. Lot easier to get someone from anywhere in the pacific rim to LA than it is to SLC.

As for population, 3.5m for an entire state is, lets be honest here, small pickens. LA Metro alone is over 13million people. with over 25 million within days drive. SLC isnt even close to that. and is surrounded by, nothing. You gotta drive a day or two to reach anything larger. And niche collector shows are a numbers game. if 1 in 10,000 people attend a local show, it matters when your adding 10-20 million people to the potential attendee pool.

For income, yes SLC has slightly above average income. But its nowhere near the F you money LA plays with. SLC your getting the i own a Mercedes and my house is paid off money. LA your getting the own i 5 lambos, and have 4 houses on 3 continents money.

Dont get me wrong, i dont think SLC is backwater town. Im just not under any illusion that its even in the same ballpark as LA is. Los Angeles is a world city, a Metropolis, a place literally everyone on earth knows of, and is one of the biggest travel destinations on the planet. SLC? yeah, not so much. Thats why im so saddened to see the show move there. Just cant compete, and a ton of makers i know are bailing as it doesnt have enough upsides compared to other shows. Blade west had a chance to be a major show with long beach. Now, its just another regional show for locals to drive an hour or two to hit up.
And for some of us, the points you just made are why we don't want to go to LA

Atlas Knife Company

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Feb 16, 2010
Nearby population is not the key for a good show. If it were, the Long Beach show would way outperform Atlanta. It's not even close. Atlanta is a DESTINATION, that gets attendees from all over the world. SLC is a better, centralized location from which people can travel from all directions to get to. True, it doesn't have 20 million people like southern CA, and the weather in October can be sketchy in SLC. You very well may drive through a blizzard in CO on the way, and that isn't fun.

Just from my own experience, I sell more forges and anvils per capita to the SLC area than anywhere else in the USA. I've sent almost as many anvils to SLC as I have all of CA. I send far more anvils to northern CA than to the LA area.