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Blitz 360 Complete Kits Sold Out. Will upgrade Blitz 360 Standard to Complete Kits.


TSProf sharpeners (www.statesllc.com)
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Apr 27, 2017
Well, the demand was so high on the Blitz 360 Complete Kits that we didn't even get to finish the pre-order backlog before we ran out of them. Rather than wait for two more months for the next restocking order, we will provide an upgrade from Blitz 360 Standard to Complete kit using our stock of accessories and Wixey Digital Angle Gages. Check the website for "S.T.A.T.E.S. Blitz 360 Complete Kit" to order. The only difference from the factory version is you will get a Wixey brand gage instead of the TSProf faceplate gage.

The other kits are still in stock for the time being. Please order soon so as to not be disappointed. George
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