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Blue Maple Burl Drop Point

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Aug 6, 2006
Now this one, I just can't seem to get a picture that captures how really nice these handles are, but they are gorgeous. The feel is comfortable too, a nice cutter. I made this one up and it's worth close to $200 with the 3/16" steel and the stabilized handles. Here's the specs:
Model IX
Serial 271
3/16" 440-C Stainless Steel, hollow ground
Stabilized Maple Burl handles
Blue Fiber Liners
Blade length 3 1/2"
Overall 7 3/4"
Weight 5.6 ounces.




$165 and sold. thanks!



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Nice looking!

Any chance of getting it with a lefty sheath at that price?

Sorry, rmed....
couldn't do it for the price AND, more importantly, don't have any lefty's around. i had this one made up previous and was just trying to unload some inventory.

stormin'.....will get off for now, but will be back!
storms every weekend it seems.......
thanks for lookin!
As soon as I saw this thing, that handle made my heart seem alot warmer.
Amazing quality, that handle is over the top. :)
As soon as I saw this thing, that handle made my heart seem alot warmer.
Amazing quality, that handle is over the top. :)
from Miss Lora-- That's called 'Love at First Site'. If you want to be Happy Ever After, you should snag this for your own! :D
Hello Eddie and Miss Lora. I will take this beauty to go along with the others in my fine Eddie White collection.


Jim! Long time no see! Yes sir, it is yours and would make an excellent addition to your pieces.

You can get it today. Thanks!

This one's sold folks.
I picked this beauty up today and what a joy it is to behold. Eddie this is a fine blade in every way, fits my small hand perfectly yet feels hefty with this steel thickness. The Blue Maple Burl scales are some of the most beautiful and unique of all the burls that I have. Of course it came with the typical Eddie White "hair popin' sharp" edge that is so well known in the knife world. Don't want to forget that it was tucked inside a perfectly form fitted sheath that is always something that you can count on with Mr. Whites' knives.

Thanks Eddie for another beautiful blade......this is my 8th so far.:D
Jim! What good news indeed! Thanks! I can't believe it's already 8 for you! Lora told me you are running out of room! :eek:

As always, my knives are guaranteed for as long as I'm around...and I'm shootin' for a 100!

Thanks friend,
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