Blur model numbers

Alaskan, I love my purple web blur, have to keep it hidden from the wife!

Anyone know a model number on these and any info? Anyone know any more about the 1670TRDST other than
Dave has blems?

The first looks a lot like one of the purple smoke "protos" that TW posted quite a while back in the "Show me your Blur" thread. Still can't figure out why dealers didn't jump all over those ones?? :confused:

TW said red tantos were for the big "A" but I've never seen them there and never seen anything other than the blems Dave picked up. If they went to the big "A", either they have them sitting in a warehouse somewhere or they never made it there because someone somewhere would have posted a picture by now. Never heard ANYTHING of those till Dave showed up with the blems.
That's why I haven't added that one yet Jim. Until we see the "official" knife being offered for sale, I can't see adding it.
How is the cf154 still so readily available? It's a beautiful knife with a relatively low production number.