Blur model numbers

1670TBGRN-green tanto (plain edge) long story short Thomas W had a bag of goodies at blade show 2013...don't quote me on the model number it's just a guess, but I know it's real, and stickdrum and greenie got to see it to:D
Until they are "out" it won't get added. :D Same reason the TRDBLKST hasn't been added. Nobody appears to have seen any in the wild except for blems.
Well it's official. Us nuts have a new Blur to acquire! :p

1670BGTST - Black-Green smoke/black BDZ-1 tanto blade serrated

Added to the model list.
Damn you Blur thread for showing me that I am a poor lover! I came across a blur, maybe on Amazon, read tons of comments, discovered Kershawguy, bought a test blur as a blem for $29 shipped. My leeks were put to bed after that. I fell in love. The beveled thumb stud was the cincher, not to discount ergonomics, weight, and steel. I wanted to show the world my new and greatest love, but felt dismayed by her scarlet letters. Four X's tarnished her physique, despite the best qualities everywhere else. I knew at once I would come to know and love the rest of her family, and I did. I found her unblemished sister, with a superior steel (s30v), powdered to my liking and quite the exhibitionst. I cloned her, for a spare, you see, just incase we parted we would still be together. Ah, love was grand... and you show me all the aunts, uncles, grandpas, second cousins, birth mothers, donor dads and the like! And that's not counting this 'blue' whale I read about a couple days ago. Damn you, my blurs may never know about their entire family tree, for it is indeed a mighty one, because they're too busy fighting for affection from my new ZT0561. :) As caregivers, it's hard to not have favorites.