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Mar 6, 1999
I have a mini-AFCK with black BT2 coating.
I have noticed that when I open the knife (I am right handed)the blade rubs on the side of the liner lock. If the knife is opened left handed this does not happen. The blade appears to be ever so slightly off center when closed and viewed from the top. The coating will probably wear off the blade eventually where it rubs the the thickest part of the blade. Anyone else seen this, or have a remedy?


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I purchased a mini-AFCK just like your's that seemed to be fine at the shop, but after playing with it for a day or so the plade started rubbing the liner when I opened it. I returned it to the shop and got something else. Since then, I've noticed that exact problem on MANY mini-AFCK's that I've handled at shows, dealers, etc...

Adjusting the pivot screw did not help at all.


Deo Vindice

I experienced a similiar problem with my BM Pinnacle after I loosened the pivot. As a result a bit of the BT2 coating got scratched.

I found after several trys that I can remedy the problem. What I did was lossen the pivot all the way. pull the blade as hard as I can toward the opposite side of the contact and tighten the pivot -- at no time letting the blade budge.

After I tightened the action, it was a little too tight for me. But it smoothed out with excelerated open and close action.

I have a mini AFCK (M2 HSS) that i really enjoy, have had no problems with blade scraping. HOWEVER, I also have a BM CQC7 that had the exact same problem. I tried tightening the pivot screw, etc...nothing worked. I called BM and they said send it in with a letter explaining whats wrong and they would fix it. Sent it out on Tuesday had it back that Monday better than new, sharpened, and no scraping. Thats some serious customer service and turnaround time for Hawaii. Aloha!!
I had this same problem and someone on one of these forums explained how to adjust the centering of the blade. Just hold the CLOSED knife with your thumbs together at the center of one side and your index fingers on the two ends of the other side as if you were trying to break it in half. It doesn't take
much pressure to change the blade centering.

Hope this explanation makes sense. If not, let me know and I'll try again.

I've only got 2 BM's with BT2, because of the ugliness of the erosion. With use, the BT2 will go away, leaving a knife that looks worse than it should. I'd rather stick with the uncoated, and tend to the blade more frequently.

Last week I was using my mini afck to cut up some cardboard boxes. As I was pulling the knife out with my left hand, the liner lock released and the blade closed partially. A nasty incision along three fingers was the result. My office is close to the Benchmade factory. After bandaging my hand, I took the knife to the factory for examination. They said there was too much lubrication and the lock slipped. Maybe so, but I dont trust this knife. They offered to give me a credit twords a new axis lock. Travis was very professional in his offer and I like the new knife. I think I will pass on liner locks in the future.
I do not have the "rubbing" problem on my Mini. I do have a problem with the blade not staying closed. It seems the blade keeps opening from minial movement when in my pocket or when placed in my backpack. I have tried tightening the pivot but it seems I have to tighten it to the point that it then becomes difficult to open. Does this knife have a detent? My spydie Wegner closes itself about .5 inch from the handle. With the Mini I have to close it all the way.
The Mini has not such action.
The ball detent on an AFCK should engage better than what you are describing, but even the best ones could open accidentally under the right circumstances. I wouldn't want to fall down the stairs or get thrown from a horse with an AFCK in my waistband. The specimens I've handled have a detent comparable in strength to a weak refrigerator magnet. That's why I often prefer to carry my lowly Spyderco Endura: it's less prone to open itself in my pocket.

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I have a full-sized AFCK that really rubs the liner when I open it right-handed. I sent it back to BM and it came back adjusted, but shortly thereafter, just from opening/closing it several times, it drifted back over, so I suspect something is wrong at the pivot area. In addition, the blade curves so the point points towars the opposite liner when closed. Maybe if the blade were straight, it wouldn't rub...I dunno. I now keep the AFCK in my drawer. Jim
I believe there may be a pattern here. Blade centering seems to be a common problem with the mini-AFCK. If someone from BM reads this I would like to hear their opinion on how to deal with the blade centering problem, and the related problem of the BT2 coating wearing off at the "scuff-point" where the blade rubs the liner when opened. Is this a problem inherent to the design that one must just live with?

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greenie: Beanchmade has a forum on their website. You can post there anytime but I think the Benchmade Support Team (Dave) only monitors it Monday through Friday. It's at http://www.benchmade.com Good luck.


I'm going to buy a folder. From the list of candidates I developed, the 812 appeared to be the best choice (up to now). The size, weight, ATS-34, and reputation of the manufacturer, all made it so. After reading the above comments I'm beginning wonder. Is the lock unreliability pretty common? It sounds as if liner-locks are suspect, period, not just from BM. But, if I can't cut carboard occasionally there is not much point in buy it! Also, what about the BT (black finish)? I live right on Puget Sound. It's humid, and salt literally flies around in the air. The coating in theory sounds great, but the reports suggest it may wind up just looking ugly. Does it provide real corrosion resistance, and is it worth the potentially inelegant appearance? Any information will help.

I've got and have used a mini AFCF for the last 3 yrs. No lock problems, and it is still slick to open w/ no wobble laterally or fore and aft.

It came razor sharp and is easy to get back to that edge.

It has cut 3" drain pipe for landscaping, and field dressed and skinned several deer, and lots of other things you use a blade for.

Good quality knife.
I have three Benchmade folders, none of which is an AFCK. Two of the three have blades that aren't quite parallel to the handles, though they are crooked in different directions. My mini-Stryker (coated blade) is tilted as described above, such that if I press the opening disc hard as I open it, the blade contacts the liner. I don't normally open it that forcefully, however, so as of yet the coating doesn't show the wear.

The coating on my knife is still in good shape, though I really don't give it much of a workout. It got a little marked up after cutting some cardboard boxes, but no bare metal was exposed.

Based on the praise I've heard of Sentry Solutions Tuff-cloth, you'd probably be fine with a non-coated blade if you just wipe it down periodically with Tuff-cloth.


I've had my mini afck forever and i love it. It is an extremely well made lowcost production knife. It is my personal carry knife. I love the spyderco hole, the liner lock on mine is rock solid and it just looks cool. Just yesterday i started experiencing slight liner rubbing. hopefully i can solve this, because i'd hate to have such a small problem trouble such a great knife.
I have a Mini-AFCK that has the same problem. I've read somewhere on the forums that to correct the problem you start with the knife open with the edge facing toward you, holding the blade and handle with each hand you would then bend it slightly to the left. This would correct the problem for awhile. I eventually gave my knife away to my brother.
In my opinion, scratches/scuffs in the coating is just something you'll have to live with. I believe it's due the the handle slabs not being quite rigid enough to keep from flexing. It can usually be "fixed" temporarily by applying lateral pressure to the open blade. If it's a "using" knife, it's gonna get scratches sooner or later anyway.