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I have noticed the blade rubbing on all of the newer AFCK's, large and small. I have a large one that still screws into the G-10. I have no problems with this one.

I think Bruce E. may have a point. The newer AFCK's have the improved G-10 and it may not provide the rigidity of the older G-10.

Flexing the knife as described has been the only way I can fix the newest AFCK's that I have.

Eagle - If you feel like a small project, I might be able to help you with your knife opening problem. I have seen this before and it usually is tied to the cutout in the blade for the stop pin is not deep enough. Look at the back of the closed knife and you will see what my poor desription is. Open the blade and put a couple of layers of tape over the edge. Look at that cutout and see where it contacts the stop pin. Use a small round file and start removing some metal from the contact area. Take a little at a time and frequently check to see how the detent ball engages the liner. You won't ned to remove a lot of metal, so be careful or you can make the problem worse.

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I LOST my benchmade mini afck, i put it in the cargo pocket of my pants when I was atving (four-wheeling) at a hunting preserve. I went back and could not find it..so for all you guys who like placing them in the cargo pockets...learn from my mistake!