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BM Mini-axis is the bomb diggy (had to share; received it yesterday).


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Apr 6, 1999
I got my pre-production mini axis lock yesterday and couldn't help but share here and at the BM forum. It is all I expected and more. I initially noticed that the pivot pin is slightly smaller, but upon investigation found it to be roughly the same diameter as the locking pin. I'm not too worried about it as this is a small, pocketable knife (thinking about removing the clip altogether), and thus is likely not capable of the feats of its larger brother. Fit and finish is excellent; the pre-productions have a G10 spacer and I assume the regular productions will have the Delrin. The clip is a bit smaller, but the stainless liner and G10 thickness is the same. The slightly thinner blade makes for an overall slimmer knife compared to it's brother; I haven't had the chance to weigh it yet but I've heard it's a mere 2.7 ounces which is .2 ounces lighter than the mini-stryker. The frame screws are the standard torx-headed thingies with the treadserts on the reverse side. The clip is "ambidextrousable" like the larger. The stop pin is slightly downsized but is still quite formidable. The blade is partially serrated (I think this was the only way to get the pre-productions, and that's okay with me as they're the standard sized serrations and not the smaller ones like on the mini-strykers) and is individually serialized as opposed to the "1 of 1000" stuff. All and all this is a great little knife that will likely be in the bottom of my pocket for years (unless they come out with something better around the same size which in itself is likely). I've been using it to ream out holes to countersink bolts in my fence gate (good thing I got two of these) and it has done well. I'll give more details on durability later. I think regular production starts in August, as the crow flies. The Professor.

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Professor - the class wants pics!

(student from the back row)
Man, you're gonna make me learn how to use this damned scanner thing. I've got the scanning part down, I just don't know how to make it save to disk successfully. In the meantime, there are pics over at
www.knifecenter.com under the heading of "Benchmades," and then "Coming Attractions." You gotta realize I'm living in the stone age as far as computers are concerned!

Here's a picture from Benchmade's catalog (web page update in progress at my site), but I haven't gotten my hands on the real thing yet. Now that somebody has, it's time to bug my distributors.


Is this the time that I should toot my own horn when I suggested some weeks ago that the next logical step for the Axis should be the mini-Axis? -Brian
I forgot to mention that when I said this was a slightly slimmer knife due to it's thinner blade, it's only slimmer by about a millimeter or two. I'm wondering if the smaller pivot, though likely necessary to fit the axis lock in its position, will make this a weaker knife. As I'd mentioned above, it is about the diameter of the axis lock itself (on the smaller and the larger models alike). I still think that this is a super strong little knife, but what are your thoughts? Thanks in advance for your responses.

I would like to know how the 705 compares to the 720. Both have same style lock. Anyone know when 720 is going to be here? I'll buy them both anyway, who am I kidding.
Thanks for mentioning this Professor. It prompted me to check with my local dealer. I hit paydirt. Got a pre-production 705S, a first production Pinnacle (one of the infamous "1 of 1000"), as well as the smaller version of the Nimravus (145).

The Mono-Lock is the first liner-lock I'd trust my fingers to. That full stab locking the blade up leaves little, if any, room for failure.

I noticed one change they've made on the 705 - the Torx screws for the clip are size 8, rather than the recent size 7's that seemed more like 6.8 or something.

After comparing the 705 with the 710, I doubt that the smaller version is as strong, but it's definitely stronger than anything I've seen in that size of a knife, and almost certainly strong enough for any task I might have for it. This knife may call my pocket home for a very, very, very long time. For me it's the perfect gentlemen's utility knife. Can't wait to get a production run plain edge.

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The pics look flat-ground. Is my impression correct?

Paul Neubauer
All Benchmades are flat-ground if I'm not mistaken.

Wait, do you mean all the way to the spine? Sorry.


(Why else would a bear want a pocket?)

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Thanks for bringing this topic up...I just saw pictures of the knife, and it looks great. Will certainly be an option for my next purchase.

Any of you who got the pre-production model - please continue with updates about performance and durability of the knife. I suspect many others are looking forward to further descriptions.

JP Bullivant
Is that a straight blade I see, with no recurve?

Looks as if Benchmade has finally found a way to suck money out of my wallet.
I saw a BM add in my latest "Backpacker" magazine, featuring the 705, as the introduction to their new Axis lock, no less. So, it sounds like the 705 should be in circulation soon. By comparison, the new Ascents started showing up about two months after I saw them in the same venue. One can only hope.

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A Benchmade knives are not flat-ground. The phraze "all the way to the spine" refers to the flat grind starting at the spine of the blade and not starting somewhere between the spine and the edge.
A blade can be flat ground, convex-ground, or concave-ground (hollow ground). It can also be ground all the way to the spine (fully ground) or partway to the spine (saber-ground if about halfway). All Benchmades are flat-ground, they are not fully flat ground. There's been some confusion on this point in many recent postings (mine included) due to the fact that all flat-ground Spydercos are also fully flat-ground.


(Why else would a bear want a pocket?)
So, what kind of grind does the 705 have? I can't see a transition in the picture. Is there a transition? My Ascent, for example, has 2 very distinct surfaces with a clear transition line between them, virtually a saber grind with an edge grind (as it came from the factory) of about the lowest 1/16" followed by about 5/16" (at the hole)of bevel and about another 3/8" (at the near end) of flat. The pics of the 705 don't seem to show any non-beveled surface. That is, the bevel appears to go "all the way to the spine". That's what I thought "flat-ground" meant, and what I was asking about.

Paul Neubauer
Professor, I just want to know the reference to The bomb diggy phrase?


Knife looks nice btw!
I think it's an East Coast thing. Tell me something, what does BTW mean, and how do I make the smiley and frowny faces on my posts? Thanks.
The mini-axis is holding up well after two weeks of daily use. I'm not sure how I feel about the serrations still, but they cut like champs. I've also found the little thing to be well suited as an emergency reverse-grip model; the thumb caps it in my small hand with enough clearance off the blade. I've emailed BM to ask what the lock was tested to with no response as of yet. My immediate guess would be at about 60% of the larger model's strength, but guesses are guesses. Has anyone else gotten their's yet? What do you think about it?


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Since the mini-Axis has a thinner blade, I would be interested to know if it sharpens a little easier than the thicker larger version. Also, is the edge still recurved?