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(BOTH SOLD) 2 Loveless Style Fixed Blades

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Dec 12, 2010
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I have two really nicely crafted blades by James Sponaugle. James has been making loveless style knives for years and are well made .


OAL is 7 inches

Blade is 3 inches

Handle is Olive Green Linen Micarta with thin red fiber liner .

Blade steel is CPM 154 that was heat treated by Peters and has been hand rubbed .

Sheath is basic leather by James .

Price is $350 shipped. (SOLD)


OAL 9 1/4

Handle is Stag with stainless Corby’s and thin red liners

Steel is CPM 154 heat tested by Peters and has been high polished

Sheath is Loveless style made by James .

$450 shipped (SOLD)

Although I have not used either knife they have been handled. They will be considered used knives with minor handling marks . Both knives are sharp and are a great addition to anyone’s collection .

I ship priority unless other service is requested. I take pay pal or cash app and I can send invoice through square for secure credit card payment. Will consider package deal . NO TRADES

Post in thread or PM me to close the deal

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