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buck bear paw

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May 6, 2004
i an still looking for a 110 buck bear paw cutout ~!'
also a masterseriers 110 is needed badly,,,,
i have a club 110 droppoint to trade and
also a 560 with s30v bos steel 110 blade
i an still looking for a masterseriers 110,,,,
i have a club 110 droppoint to trade
thanks dave
Can you tell me about the 110 drop point? Pic's? I am interested...
Guess not... :(

wate !!!
i did not check this yesterday and i jest got the email that your message was here .. was on phone with buck 110 for +3 hrs last nite
ues i still have the one club drop point avabile..
and as a buy the way there are no longer 200 of them
1 has been distroyed one rehandled and one more is lost...and one is being done by yellow horse so jest 196 of them now...
i had 6 of them ..now jest one avable and i was getting ready to have it remade in to something else useing the blade ...
it is avabile for sale as i did not find a master seriers
you can call me at 304.263.1044 most any time but i am in and out a lot except in the evenings...
later dave
there are pictures in this forum some palace...
i have to get new recharge ables to take picts right now...
check out my photo bucket link i have posted they are there
and you can see a few others also! page 2 i recall