Buck knives moving to Idaho?

Nov 30, 2000
I heard on National public radio this morning that Buck Knives is moving to Idaho, due to the high cost of utilities, workers comp, etc.

A few days ago, I wrote a post about the high cost of doing business in Cali in a thread about American Socialism, here.

I really can't say I blame Buck for wanting to move away from the area.

Is it true? Where in Idaho?

-- Rob
When did you hear that? I just searched at nrp.com and found nothing. Which is not to say it's not happening, I'd just like to see the original source. AND hear from Joe or CJ.
Post Falls, a stone's throw from Spokane and Coeur d'Lene. Spent a coupla' months there as a field engineer a few years ago. Veeeery nice. Winters are gonna be kinda' long for a So'Cal boy.
Can't blame them for moving, but I wish they would move to Tennessee. ;)
Stupid politicians. That and the outrageous cost of living and working in California. Makes you wonder what the future holds for California.
And here I thought I was going bonkers! Yes I heard it on the radio last night also. I don't blame them either, Gray Davis must think everybody that earns more than $1000 is considered wealthy so he intends to tax the heck out of them.
Damn no! I only live less than 20 minutes away! Well, I'll miss walking in and seeing all the animal and knife displays. Damn!:mad: :(
Hey guys...

Ya it is true. We are planning to be up and running in our new facility in Post Falls Idaho, by the first of next year.

We met with all our employees yesterday at 3pm and told them. There is still a state of shock out here.

Our cost of energy will go down about 60%, our workers comp will go down 40% and the prevailing wages/benefits in the area are about 20% lower then so cal.

We are building a business model to be competitive going into the future and staying in California just was not part of that picture.

Our work is cut out for us this year as we build the inventory we need to facilitate the move and try to make this move a non-issue for our customers.

The comment about the winter is a good one. My father and I were both born here in San Diego where miserable winter lows get into the 50's...but before winter comes fall and the elk population outside of post falls is much higher than so cal...then there is spring and trout fishing.

On a serious note it has been a very somber day today without our usual banter in the hallways today

More information will be developed now as we will involve people on teams to focus on these different aspects and finalize the details.
Good Luck to you and all your folks on the move and the upcoming year.
See you in Orlando next month.
Welcome Neighbor! I live about 10 miles from Post Falls, if you need a Risk Manager, give me a call.
as a former so. cal resident... it is hard to match the climate and beauty of the golden state

however it has become frightfully expensive and i do not find it to be a very good place to raise a family today (for a host of reasons). i will never move back there.

the politics of the state are really screwed up as well.

while undoubtedly it will be a hard move for a lot of people i applaud buck for keeping its manufacturing facilities in the united states and not moving overseas

the buck family have always struck me as being the finest sort of people in the knife business....God bless
Mr. Buck, welcome to Idaho. I moved from Los Angeles, after 35 years there, and my wife a native Californio, to the Boise area, in 1997. California got waaaay too much for me, too, although I was in a different line of work than you. We couldn't be happier... and yes, the elk, and deer, and moose, and Black bears and mountain lions are plentiful (yes, you can hunt lions here, unlike Calif.), along with trout, steelhead, and salmon, etc.

Winters aren't really that bad around here, Boise, but it's a bit colder up where you'll be. Nothing like a good wool shirt and down jacket in December/Janurary.

BTW, I've always liked your knives. Got my first one, a Buck Special, in 1967. It's right here in my day pack, in my closet. I have others.

Best of luck on your move, and your business.

I firmly believe that 20 years ago (when I moved here) was a good time to move to CA, but that now is the time to get out. Gray Davis's solution to the $35 billion budget deficit, which he helped to create, is to tax the sh*t out of everyone. He is proposing raising the top state income tax rate from 9.3 to 10 or 11%, adding another $1.00+ to the state tax on a pack of cigarettes, and adding 1% to the state sales tax - our current sales tax is already 8.25 (including state and local) and would go to 9.25%! Can you folks in other states imagine paying 11% state income tax and 9.25% sales tax? Sh*t, Oregon has no sales tax and Washington and Nevada have no income tax.

The climate and topography are the only good things about California. We pay an enormous amount for them. I have tried to explain to my wife that we could sell our house and buy a much bigger house on many acres of land for cash elsewhere in the country, and never have a mortgage payment for the rest of our lives, but she refuses to consider it because she is a native Californian - all of her family and friends are within a couple of hours.

I have seriously considered VA - moderate climate (compared to northeastern PA, where I grew up), beautiful, etc. Anyone recommend it, or anywhere else? Any ideas how to convince my wife to get out of here?
The biggest investment any organization has is in it's people, and it's people have usually made not only an economic but an emotional committment to the organization. Moving any company is hard both on it and on the folks who depend on it.

Nonetheless, there sometimes comes a time when it is necessary, but that doesn't make it any less stressful. Given the devotion Buck has shown to it's customers, I'm sure they are doing everything feasible to help their own employees also.

I'm sure Idaho will be a great home for Buck. Our thoughts are with you and the Buckaroos in the year ahead as you go through what has to be a difficult move.
As a third generation San Diegan, it will be hard to see you go. I always felt kinda proud that Buck Knives was from here. Anyways, I can't blame you for moving and I know you will continue to offer the best product and service as always. Take care
I can't blame you. California is run by has-been hippies who have no idea how to create wealth. Their only idea is to tax.

The class warfare the Left practices here is disgusting, the racial strife is horrible, and the schools are more interested in teaching gay sex acts than real subjects.

I cannot blame you.

Of course the Lefties will yell about evil corporations abandoning "the people" but that is the same crap that for 20 years has chased jobs out of here.
Southern California native here, scared to death about the move but looking forward to it! I heard rumors that they get snow and rain up there, whatever that is. :rolleyes:
I will be shamelessly asking around for the best Elk, deer, and turkey hunting areas in the Post Falls area! Gotta field test those knives.
Good luck in your new home! It's going to be tough being closer to all that gorgeous mountain scenery, elk, mule deer, etc. Please put me on the list for that first 'Idaho special' commemorative blade.
Mr. Buck,

I'm very sorry to hear it. I moved away from Cali earlier last year to pursue other career opportunities. Looks like there's a skill-drain away from there.

With this move, is Paul Bos still going to supervise your heat-treating?