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Buck vs Case

I am considering purchasing the Buck Colt 703 or Case Stockman 6318. The knife will be carried everywhere and used for everything from sometimes skinning small game to a host of other small camp chores. Which would prove to be most reliable?. As for looks the Autumn Bone handles and finish of the Case WINS. H/ever, that's nota big factor.

Thanks, Mike J
Feb 7, 2000
I'm in the same dilemma right now, trying to make up my mind between another Buck or a Case. Any help, guys?

Ive got the 703, and it really is a great knife. The newer 703's do not have the Buck shield on the handle (which I like!) Just plain wood.

If you want a knife with a shield which can and probably will....Pop off at any time then get the Case (Pet peeve of mine!)

Keith D.Armacost
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NEITHER! Both Case and Buck offer good knives but neither, IMHO, offer the quality and value that Queen Cutlery Company's knives do. Queen's low-end lines of knives offer superior stainless steel with their QS-14 (440A) over Buck's 425M and Case's 416 and 420 series. On the low end, Queen's fit and finish are at least comparable to Buck's and Case's,too. On the higher ends, there is simply no comparison. Queen's ATS-34 blade steel outshines both Buck's and Case's regular lines by a considerable margin. Only in their special runs that feature ATS-34 and BG-42 are Buck and Case anywhere close to being in Queen's class when it comes to blade steels. The same is true of handle materials. Queen's Winterbottom bone, Robeson's brown and "strawberry" bones, and Schatt & Morgan's exemplary selection of handle materials make their competitor's offerings of handle materials look sad, indeed. But, the biggest attraction of higher-end Queen, Robeson, and Schatt & Morgan knives is their fit and finish. Queen's knives are assembled and finished "the old-fashioned way", by hand, and boy, does it show! Neither Buck's nor Case's fit and finish is anywhere close to Queen's, in my experience. In fact, I have seen Case Tony Bose trappers that did not have anywhere near the quality of fit and finish that a $100 Schatt & Morgan routinely has. It kind of made me wonder what Case was charging the extra $250 for! I recommend, therefore that you strongly consider buying Queen. Queen knives are not always the cheapest and they sometimes require some effort to find but they are more than worth the extra money and effort.
Case, Case, Case!!!

That's my vote.

--The Raptor--
I agree with John.

Queen, Schatt & Morgan, Robeson. Better made, better springs, and better steel. (IMHO)

You won't be sorry you spent the extra dollars.
Ditka in the third round...

In my opinion, and in that of Case collectors, Case knives are more collectable. However, I really think Bucks are more durable users. My father and I have been using them for years and years in the midst of custom knives and higher-end productions, and they hold up famously.

Just my .01.

I agree with Prof. Case for collectors value. But if you're going to actually use the knife, go with the Buck. Its durabiliy is loooonnnnnggggg lasting. It'll probably outlast your grandkids!

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Buck knives are real durable users. I have had a handful of them for decades; they are great. On the rare occasion you need repairs, Buck's customer service is legendary.
You can hardly go wrong with either. That beind said, the Case is more collectable. Hard to beat a bone handle (esp. in twenty or thirty years). My dad has some old Case knives that cut as well as when they were made...and look even better.
I own a whole bunch of Bucks, including the 703 pocketknife. This knife is solid, and built for lots and lots of cutting. Also, unlike most other multi-blade slipjoints, the blades are not 'crinked' (i.e., bent to accommodate each other), because there is a separate backspring for each blade, and the backsprings are very strong.
I would choose this one for a work knife.

I also own several Case knives, and they too are very solid and great cutters. When I first bought my Case knives, I carried one everywhere, and they work as tools, but now I keep them in their boxes because they are so beautiful with their red or brown bone handles I don't want to chance messing them up.

Either one will be a good choice, but for a work knife you don't want to worry about, the Buck 703 or any in the 700 series is hard to beat.
I'm a little concerned about how the "mirror polished" finish on the new Case knives will hold up for use (I'm looking for a user, not a collectible). Hmm, advantage Buck?
Any thoughts on the mirror polish issue?
Guys - while you are looking at Case and Buck knives - do not forget Camillus. Their Yellow Jacket series and the deal that Mike and Spark is running on the 686 for 24.99 is one of the best deals you can find.

I know that Case and Buck make good knives but remember Calmillus.
Going through the junk drawer, last night I found an old 1978 (two-dot) large serpentine stockman with gorgeous bone handles. Not mint - light carry but never sharpened. A light scratch on main blade.
On the main clip blade it reads "TESTED XX RAZOR EDGE." Then, on the clip blade's tang, it reads:
On the back of clip's tang:
"6347 HP

The other two blades each are stamped: "SS"

It'd be a HELL of a good user but, frankly, bigger than what I like to carry in my pocket. Price is $35 shipped - or send an offer. PayPal.com preferred but money order's okay too. Trade offers would be considered ... I'd be interested in a Spyderco Goddard plainedge or maybe a mint medium Case stockman (6318) from the '70s. Whatever, let's talk.
I like them both but I think Buck has the advantage in overall workmanship. I have a Case Sharktooth and the brass looks alittle glitzy and it pitted too.
I have to say I am very displeased with the Case Sharktooth. It is not a BUCK 110! I got my Sharktooth in today and not too impressed. However, the older stockmans and Trappers are far better than the new ones. I will have to say go with the BUCK....

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