Building your own PC

I just went and customized a Dell Dimension with an Athlon X2 dual core processor, and all of the other goodies I listed earlier.

$708. 1 year warranty.

$699 for the local guys Athlon 64 3200+ with a three year parts/labor warranty.

Damn. Now what do I do? Support dell, and have another obsolete machine in three years, or support the local guy with a fully upgradeable machine and a three year warranty, but a lesser processor?

The thing that bothers me about Dell is that they aren't readily upgradeable. I've added memory to this one, but from what I understand, I cannot put in another MOBO and processor.
(sorry Bob, I would spend the xtra for pro)
You can check the Microsoft website for a side-by-side comparison between Home and Pro.

None of the extra Pro features were important to me.

xp OEM pro, with Service Pack 2 can install sata drives with out a floppy. SP1 could not. I know, I just loaded pro w/sata and no floppy on clean install.
I don't recall needing a floppy for installing XP on SATA either. I did need floppies for something though, maybe upgrading the BIOS?

I dunno Code3. I think I'd still go with the local-built computer.

I'm with you, Bob; local guy wins out.

His machine is using SATA drives, and he assured me that I can upgrade the processor in a few months to the Athlon X2 dual core very easily, and that he'd only charge me the difference between the two processors when he installed it.

Like I said; I bought the machine described for my father in law last Friday, and spent the weekend getting his software loaded and running. I like the machine, and it definately kicks this Dell I'm on to the curb.

I'll order the identical unit tomorrow.

I appreciate all of the input, gang.
Sure, it only takes an hour to snap the parts together, but how much time does it take to troubleshoot components if the thing fails to boot? Then there's the two weeks of waiting for a replacement part once you figure out which thing to return.

Not worth it to save a lousy $50, IMO.

Best Wishes,
If it's your first build, I'd go with the local guy as well. I had my father by my side when building my first and second computer...couldn't have done it without him. As you learn more and get more familiar with the hardware and such, you won't have to depend on him, or even a warranty! :p

I like XP Pro for one or two reasons really. I run a home network with about 11 different computers...XP Home really has SEVERE limitations with networking.

Domain membership - HUGE issue for me
Group Policy - Another BIG problem
Roaming profiles - Need this
File-level access control - Used to use, want it back
I ordered my new PC from the local guy today.

I have a better machine being built than what I described, and he is giving me a superb deal. I'm not sure what processor I'm getting; he said he would suprise me. We discussed the Athlon X2 duo, and an Athlon 64 4000, so we'll see what it is when he is done.

4W4K3, I have 5 PC's on my network, and all are running XP Home. The Dell that is getting replaced is the server. Also, as I stated, I'm not uncomfortable building one myself; it is the money and warranty that was the issue. I have replaced every single component in a PC before, except the MOBO and processor.
I trust this guy, and he has never steerd me wrong. I was amazed that I couldn't build one myself any cheaper than it is to buy one ready to go.