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Bulging Pockets

Jan 3, 1999
My pockets are full and it's getting a little uncomfortable. I'm sure this is no new problem to veteran knife collectors. So how about some advice on various carry options? How do you carry your favorite gear on a daily basis? Are there any hints, tips, or useful products?
Inside the waist band with your pocket clip knife with the clip partially concealed by the belt. The deeper riding pocket clip the better.

Neck knife like the REKAT Fang knife is excellent. It's flat and can't even be seen with a loose T-shirt.

I'll let the others tell you about the slip.
sheaths and so on.

IMHO a snap sheath belt carry system like a Buck knife or multi-tool is very unobtrussive looking and most people don't pay attention to them at all.



I agree with Greg on the IWB carry but find that deep riding pocket clips makes the butt end stick out of your trouser leg as if you have some sort of growth

When I carry mt AFCK with light trousers it looks most strange.

My Spyderco Millitary, although bigger, rides better because of where it pivots on the waist band.
I carry my SwissTool in a horizontal belt pouch. I don't mind if people ask me what is in the pouch. My KFF rides in a "Inside the Pocket Sheath" so that it doesn't attract attention from the clip. I don't use the IWB clip method anymore after I had two knives come free when I dropped my pants in the toilet. I damaged the tips on both when they hit the tile floor.

Depending on your dress style, try wearing a vest, a photogrphers vest preferably. You' ll be amazed at just how much you can tote in what I feel is a indispensible part of my wardrobe.(Have 5)


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I'm going to allow ignorance to rear it's head and ask: What's IWB?

Hey Axel, how often do you drop your pants into the toilet? :)
Wow...suddenly I don't feel so bad about carrying about three or so knives, though two are carried in my jacket and a Gerber multitool on my belt (toward the back, so I can move the sheath to my side or more toward my back depending on if I'm in a car or walking, etc).

It'll be a little tough carrying my knives in the summer, though a backpack is a wonderful thing...Or I'll get stuck wearing another sheath on the other side of my belt (this poor belt is ending up like the Batbelt).
I always carry a ladybug on a lanyard in my back pocket, along with my wallet. it's very easy to reach and it doesn't feel like carrying anythnig extra. I'm also oging to be carrying a ladybug2 (sheepsfoot) on my keychain.

At most I'll have a LH and RH pocket knife and a right jacket pocket carry in addition

Any more than that and you're a nut, though

=- Craig
I carry a BM 350, with the pocket clip removed, in my right rear pocket along with my "pouch wallet". ~ 2oz., ~ 3" ATS-34 part serrated blade, smooth opening, passed the "liner lock test", 4" closed with a very flat profile - almost like it's not even there.

Is it my favorite knife or blade profile, no - but what's the knife you use - the one that's comfortable to carry (the one you have on you), IMO.
Key is to spread 'em out..

Front Left jeans pocket; MT Socom (rides nicely with jeans), back right pocket; Benchmade Balisong (sits next to my wallet, rides nice, looks like I am reach for my wallet), belt, left side; leatherman wave (too bulkly for pocket), belt, right; Gerber MK II.

Not as many as I used to carry, but I was a little strange then (and could be again)

If you or your wife are handy at stitching...try sewing a vertical stitch on the inside of your pocket. As to create a mini pocket within your pocket. I've tried it and it works quite well especially with bigger knives that like to fall sideways in your pocket. I suggest turning your pants/jeans inside out and running a seam about 1 1/2-2in wide straight up the liner of your pocket closest to your crotch. This keeps your favorite pocket carry vertical and less obtrusive...give it a try!

Well, for all you minimalists, I suppose you can get everything in your pockets, but for an obsessive-compulsive ER Doc, who is prepared for nearly anything (I listed what I carry on another thread, and one poster said it reminded him of the 12 days of Christmas), pockets are not enough.

I carry a ....leather bag. It is called a musette bag from Coach. It strongly resembles the leather US Mail Pouch I carried for several years.

OK, OK, IT'S A PURSE!! What's it to you, anyway!! YOU try fitting a 3 Dcell MagLite in your pocket. Plus a lot of other things. Manly things. Knives, occasionally guns; stuff like that. Photon lights. Check book.
Viagra (I keep forgetting to send it to Mike Turber)

If you are secure in your masculinity, the Doc says, check it out. Walt
My current carry is an EDI Genisis.
For the first few days I carried it in my pocket with the clip. That was a little uncomfortable for me when I sat. I then moved it to inside the waist band on the right side. The knife rides at an angle with the end of the knife just below my belt buckle and the clip through the belt loop of my Levi's. With a t-shirt tucked in but worn loose the knife is totally concealed but even more accesable then when it was in the pocket. I can also sit down now with no discomfort.
If i think I'll need more I'll wear a Leatheman in a horizontal carry pouch or even a fanny pack.


Reorganizing the contents of your pockets sounds like a good idea. There is a thread called "Pocket Holster for your knife, flashlights, etc..." which talks about building an organizer from leather. There is also a post in this thread about stiching pockets to keep knives upright.
What else do you all tend to keep on hand? i know i almost always have a lighter (although i don't smoke) - a butane or zippo, a mini-mag, a credit-card "companion," an SAK or leatherman, a good reliable watch, and someday, a cellphone. Do you all have the nightly/morning "emptying of the pockets" ritual like me?

(sorry if this is an old topic. if there is an old thread, can you direct me?)

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Aside from two knives in the right front pocket, and a Gerber Multi on the belt right side back, I also carry a AG Russell one-hand with prehistoric ivory scales in a horizontal belt pouch on the left front side. Which brings me to the question. The horizontal pouch is getting old. Anyone know of a source?
Don't for get the tried and true "fanny" pack. Mine is leather and big enough to hold:
-mini-maglite (nylon slip sheath is stiched to the inside of the top flap
of pouch)
-original Leatherman PST (front small pocket of pouch)
-EZLap model M diamond hone (I never leave the house for more than an hour w/o some way to keep my blades fresh and eady to go
-cellphone in large pocket
..... not to mention loose change, Tums, gum, hard candy and G-d knows what else.

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