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Bunch of Horizon OTF knives


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Dec 7, 2008
Here is just about all the production knives Horizon bladeworks offer at this time. These are all out of my collection. Some I have doubles of but some I do not. I don’t need to tell you how well made these knives are. So far I have not heard a bad thing about them.

I will ship to the lower 48 for price listed. I am open to trades but collect mostly OTF knives. Overseas can contact me at guzzoa@yahoo.com for shipping quotes. Feel free to email me if you want a knife or have a question. Same email as above. I will accept paypal and money orders.

I tried to keep all the knives numbered to keep it simple.

1. Punisher model M390 D/E blade. Aluminum handle with hard anodized coating. Overall length is 218mm about the size of a Infidel. Price Sold

2. Venom model with titanium button and clip. Blue tritium in glassbreaker. Very cool feature done just for me. M390 D/E blade. Overall length 208mm A little smaller than the punisher. Price $Sold with tritium. I can take tritium out and save you $20. So $Sold. Without tritium.

3. AD18 model with tanto D2 blade. Very nice aluminum body with hard anodized coating. Overall length is 218mm. Guys love this knife for the price. $Sold

4. Lurk model with tanto 12C27 blade. Red G10 inlay with blue anodized handle. Around the size of a ultratech. Overall 190mm Price $Sold

5. Lurk model with tanto 12C27 blade with Carbon fiber inlay. Black anodized handle. $Sold

6. Sentry Model Grey hard anodized handle with 12C27 D/E blade. About the size of UTX85 Overall length is 175mm Price is SPF

7. Sentry model with blue handle. Same as above Sold

8. Scout model. Very popular knife with a S/E M390 blade. These are small. Like the size of a UTX70. Overall length 148mm Price $ this is SOLD but I do have a Black model if interested.

All knives are new and never used. All come with waterproof plastic case and tool for disassembly.

Feel free to email me at guzzoa@yahoo.com with any questions or if you would like a knife. Thanks for looking. Hope you have a great weak.
Forgot to add the Money Back Guarantee. If you receive a knife and you do not like it. Just let me know return it and I will refund your money less the shipping.

All knives front numbered.jpg Rear all knives numbered.jpg Punisher venom 10 front numbered.jpg P V 10 rear numbered.jpg Turks sentry scout front numbered.jpg Turks sentry scout rear numbered.jpg
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No problem. I have blue or black. Your choice. My Paypal is guzzoa@yahoo.com
Please do not mention knives on PayPal. I will let you know when I receive funds. Thank you.
If the other Scout is available I’ll take it. It’s the same blade shape but with black handles correct?
I’m going to retract my comment for the black scout. May try again later but will pass for now.
Very interested in your black version of #8, but I've never heard of this company. Do they have a website where they show the specs/prices of their knives? I searched everywhere and came up with nothing.
You will not be disappointed in any of these fine knives. I use mine for everything and they have never had an issue plus the blade holds a great edge.
You will not be disappointed in any of these fine knives. I use mine for everything and they have never had an issue plus the blade holds a great edge.

Which models do you own and how do you like them? I am awaiting mine to arrive hopefully tomorrow per the tracking info. I went with the ad18 after emails and text conversations with the seller who gave specs, additional pics and videos for several models i requested as well as answering all my 100 questions lol. There is a video on youtube of a dissassembled punisher where the quality, internal parts, and scales etc can be seen. im digging the sentry and scout as well and may pick one of those up next. I will come back here with my impressions of the ad18 once its in my hands for anyone wondering if thats ok with the seller.