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Burt Foster, BOLO bowie, new


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May 17, 2005
This is a recently purchased Master Bladesmith Burt Foster, Bolo Bowie. I waited nearly 1 year to have this made.

It has never been used and has the 52100 steel, Damascus guard, and stabilized burl handle. Leather sheath is hand tooled and strap is attached with a copper rivet that's hammered on.

The blade is large, you'll be surprised on seeing it and is has not only the sheath, but also a zippered pouch as well.

Blade: 52100 steel, about 10.5 inches long.

Handle: 5 inches

Thickness: at spine is about 1/4 inch

It's slightly different in dimensions from the website, the handle material is burl, and the thickness is slightly more, as I specified that I like a thick knife. The length is about a 1/2 inch longer than Burt's specs on his website.





I paid a lot of money for this, but moreover, waited a long time for this knife. Read his philosophy on knives and their usage and why he makes artistic knives that are users and that are meant to be used.

It's yours for $800 shipped. Paypal preferred.
Nice Knife Nice Price!Good Luck..looks Like Ironwood
Thank you sir. I debated for weeks on selling this. It was as if the blade and I had a relationship.

This is truly a wonderful piece and if it doesn't sell, then I'll find another means of raising funds, but keep the knife.
Whoever gets this one will end up with an EXCELLENT Bowie at a Great price.I had to sell my Big Foster bowie but still have a 7.5 incher.Burt Foster's Workmanship & Quality & Attention to Detail is Exceptional making him one of the Best of the Mastersmiths IMHO.Good Luck with the sale ERdept,this one Won't last long!:cool:
You are right in every way, Buddy S.

It is unfortunately sold. I will mail out tommorrow.:(

I had a working relationship with Mr. Foster and I told him via email. I cannot own another smith's bowie now that I've had a BF.

I am sending out the photo CD, care instructions, and receipt showing $1200 payment. You got the deal of a lifetime.

I'll take it, if you could get it shipped to Thailand.
I'll pay for shipping via USPS Global EXPRESS.
And will do PayPal.

Please discuss further at santi.se AT gmail DOT com

Best, :D
That is one sweet deal and another reason why it pays to check in here often. Gorgeous bowie.

Nice score, Santi. now I bet you wished you kept the hunter I sold to you right?