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bushrafter and two modern seax blades

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Mar 29, 2007
Leuku pattern bushcrafter

This has a slightly narrower blade than many of my leuku pattern bushcrafters, with a good belly curve and a bit of filework on the top. Being 1/8 inch L6, it's a bit stiffer than the 15N20 models, and will hold up to heavy batoning well. The blade - at 5 5/8- is long enough for some thick splitting, and with the straight spine will makes and excellent draw knife.

At 4.25 inches, the handle is full sized and easy to hold onto, but short enough to get your palm behind for push cutting and stabbing cuts with a safe grip. The shorter handles like these are also very good for working in heavy gloves, where getting the butt of the knife into the hollow of your hand helps with the grip.

* OAL 10 1/8 inches
* Blade 5 5/8, 1/8 thick L6 convex ground. Forge finish buffed out then blued along spine and tang.
* Handle- ipe scales, blued steel pins stainless lanyard tube.
* Expedition sheath with fully adjustable hi-lo belt hanger and lanyards holes at the bottom.

$125 shipped USPS, paypal or postal money order preferred.




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Mar 29, 2007
This is my modern interpretation of a seax belt knife. It looks a little odd, but really begs to cut when in the hand. The handle ergonomics are good, with a lot of comfortable hand position options. Really nice EDC- if you can EDC a 5 3/4 inch blade!

The 1/8 spine keeps it light enough to carry comfortably, and it's sturdy enough to work hard. Convex grind, excellent cutting geometry.

* OAL 9 7/8
* Blade 5 3/4, 1/8 L6 convex ground. Forge finish
* Handle- jatoba scales, stainless tube pins.
* "Paddle" style sheath.

$125 shipped in the US, paypal or postal money order preferred





Modern interpretation of a seax belt knife. This is a lighter version, in 3/32 with a really nice big grippy micarta handle. 3/16 ID lanyard holes on all 3 pins. The 3/32 15N20 is plenty durable for a heavy use slicer, and I baton with the bushcraftersz I make out of it.

* OAL 10 1/8
* Blade 5 5/8 inches 3/32 15N20 steel, convex ground with a differential temper.
* Handle wide grip, full size micarta with stainless steel tube pins.
* Sheath is a medium deep pouch with wide belt loop.





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Jan 2, 2008
How the HECK are these still here? Tough times when some need to choose between food, gas and knives. But if you could choose knives, that last Seax in 3/32" looks to be a nice cutter at a give away price.