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Busse, Gerber, BM, MOD, CS for trade


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Dec 22, 2005
Just looking for something different:

I have the following for trade


Busse Knives (left to right)
1. Used Basic 9 (not currently for trade)
2. New Scrapper 6 LE (6” satin blade, 1.4” thick) – Scrap Yard Knives w/ sheath
3. Used Basic 3 – no dings or nicks in blade w/ factory leather sheath
4. New Bad Warden – 0.17” double-cut blade with black micarta inserts
5. New Skeleton Key – black crinkle coating


Misc Knives (left to right)
1. New Letherman Wave with factory leather sheath
2. Used Gerber LMF with factory sheath
3. Used Benchmade butterfly knife (I believe model 60), flipped but never cut anything
4. New MOD Ayoob Razorback – partial serrated blade w/ factory sheath and box
5. Used Cold Steel Mini Tanto (now discontinued) w/ factory leather sheath – slight scratches on the blade, no edge damage
6. Used Cold Steel Trailmaster (Carbon-V blade) w/ factory leather sheath – very light use.

Looking mostly for other Busse knives but will consider other quality blades (Swamp Rat, Reeves, Emerson, etc.)/guns (tactical only).

Thanks for looking
Please PM or email at jaheinle at yahoo.com
is that not a leatherman wave. and what are you looking for. for your scrapyard 6 thankyou
I have an extremely nice CQC7b s.f. from 2k. I have carried it and used it but it is still in very very excellant shape. Razor sharp courtesy of me and has the green scales which is pretty rare. I would trade it for the Scrapyard 6 if you are interested. I can send you a pic just need your email. Lock up on the knife is still dead left with just full engagement of the liner lock and it does not fail the spine whack test. No wave feature. keepem sharp and let me know.

Please send me a pic...my address in listed in the original post (at the bottom), thanks.

Additional Pics added also.
would you be interested in traiding the trailmaster for a sog tigershark or seal 2000 your choice.
Offer withdrawn, for some reason this seems to be taking an inordinate amount of time for either a yay or nay so I say nay. I will keep my 7b. Keepem sharp