busse,strider or microtech

A comparison test between a TOPS Armageddon, a Becker BK 1 Brute and a Busse FBM?:cool:
Probably the Busse comes out first anyway, but still it would be fun to watch.:D (and please... no concrete block hacking!:barf: )

Serious now. As I said before I would buy them all. But if I could choose only 1 it would be a Busse.
Well it's....cough.....it's errr......splutter.......mmmm....don't know what to say on that one !!!!
Busse, no question.

I'm not sure what the guy that mentioned busse and mall ninja in the same sentence is on about, but busses are pretty much the toughest fixed blades on the planet.
I would choose a Busse but a Strider MFS is a nice knife and not as expensive as
as a Busse. When they are back in stock check out the Scrapyard 6.
S7 tool steel res C handle and a no nonsense design. I try to like Tops because I like thick 1095 knives but they are just so Rambo. You have to be very carefull with Busse/swamprat/scrapyard knives because they are as addicting as heroin
but there is no methadone or 12 step program(yet). I have not even had my first Busse family knife get here(INFI scrapper 4 in the mail) and I am aalready planning on a scrapper 6 and bowie.
Yeah, handmade low production goods are always crap, bro, like Shelby Cobras and Manalo Blahnik shoes.

Sure glad I bought a Buck Strider, saved a lot of money and the simulated liner lock is really cool.
Just funnin'

He could have said,

Vaporware versus
Wannabeware versus
JackBauerware. . . ,

and I'd have known exactly what he was askin' about is all.:p

Well, about 90% of what I own is from Wauseon, OH, Busse or Swamp Rat, but this JackBauerware sounds really cool! Is there a matching cell phone?

NOW !!!!!

Hi all (first post), sorry to bring back zombie thread.

What was on the knifeoutlet link that made everyone flip out about TOPS?

Link is dead now.
The new Kershaw model 0100 could be a serious outsider.
CPM3V tool steel has alot going for it, and what it possibly lacks in the stainless department is more than made good by it's wear resistance.
And it's not overly expensive too.
I vote for Busse because they back there product with a lifetime warranty regardless... even if youre not the original buyer. If youre willling to wait Busse will be putting out the anniversary Steel Heart1 which features a 6" blade. Unfortunately due to military contracts its been postponed but hopefully for just a short while. As for Strider, theyre pretty darn good. Just take a look at the destruction video on the knife test website. You cant go wrong with them either.
As for MOD.. They are not mall ninja blades. They use good quality materials and are very well built. Even though some of their designs are a little eccentric. I carried a CQD as a duty knife and it performed. I find that their blades are geared towards the military and LE crowd.

Regardless of what you buy, put it to use and enjoy...