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CAD Drawing Service| DXF and PDF

Discussion in 'The Custom Shop: Services Offered' started by BelnapCustomKnives, Dec 23, 2017.

  1. BelnapCustomKnives


    Oct 30, 2015
    I will convert your hand drawn knife profiles to CAD. You will get a 100% scale PDF and the DXF files. The PDF can be used as a template. The DXF is the type of CAD file that you will need if you plan to have CNC machining done such as waterjet, milling, etc.

    Basic fee is $15.00 USD. Basic includes the initial drawing plus one round of revisions. If you get creative and want to do more it is and additional $5.00 per round of revisions. About 75% of my drawings are competed during the basic session. I do not design your knife I draw your design for you. On occasion I may suggest something for you to consider based on my experience.

    If you have something other than knife profiles that you need drawn in CAD I will be glad to look at it as well. I have done numerous tooling projects for fellow tool designers that wanted their paper drawings converted into CAD DXF for CNC milling.

    See examples of some of my drawings at www.belnapcustomknives.com

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