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Canadian Paypal User Agreement

Discussion in 'Canada' started by D-Roc, Apr 10, 2019.

  1. D-Roc


    Mar 10, 2007
    Posting this under direction of spark on this forum.

    Please note that this is directed to the CANADIAN Exchange forum only.


    This has been updated as of 28 Mar 2019, and it makes very clear and definite distinction of what the buyer (and seller) can and cannot do with regards to asking for Paypal Gift as well as charging PP fees for selling goods and services. Above link directly under "Selling And Accepting Payments".

    Also of interest is that (for sellers who use [email protected]) that PP fees are different in Canada than the US. Canada 2.9% of total + 0.30 cents per transaction as opposed to 3.7% of total + 0.30 cents per transaction in the US.

    Please note the usage of the words WILL, MUST, and NOT. There should not be any interpretation to the use of these words.

    Some of the above is directed to the buyer, but the idea of the seller asking for said things as related to those points is also detailed.

    Once again, please note that this directed towards the Canadian Exchange users.
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