Can't decide! Microtech LCC or BM Pinnacle?

Dec 28, 1998
Help me guys!
Any opinions on these two beauties to help sway the decision one way or ta' udder would be helpful.

I should be getting my LCC any day now. Try the search function and you will see all of the positive remarks made by others who have this knife. Sounds like a real winner to me.
LCC all the way. Much better precision. Better quality. The closest to a custom knife I have seen for the money.

Dennis Bible
The Pinnacle is cheaper, maybe more rugged lock, the recurve slices like crazy if you tune it. It's a little trickier to sharpen though. The LCC has better fit and finish , you may want to keep it nicer, the 750 you may want to beat on. The 750 is lower profile under clothing.

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Sorry, guys, I've got luria's answer...Buy them both, see which one you like better, then give me the other one!

That's a tough choice. The LCC looks just like a hand made, but the Pinnacle is stronger and more reliable. Looks...or function. Tough choice.
To me, there is no choice. Microtech or anything else-- Microtech wins every time.
HankS has the correct answer. One is not enough, buy both.

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LCC, black blade, plain edged.....all the way!

It would be nice if people would elaborate when they make claims as an LCC being "better". Better in what way? Of course, it is much more detailed and nicer to look at, but it's unfair to say it is "better" when there have been no head to head comparisons done in terms of edge-holding, breakage, etc.

Is it fair to say Microtechs are WAY BETTER than top offerings by companies like Spyderco, and Benchmade?

Sure Microtechs are well-made knives, and I'll even grant that they probably fine tune their knives a bit better than most mainstream knife companies. However, Spyderco and Benchmade are no slouches when it comes to knives. I believe their top offerings can compete with Microtech products.

The Pinnacle may get unfair comparisons to a Sebenza, but it is a damn good knife: a nice recurved ATS-34 blade, solid one-piece titanium handles, etc.

I sometimes think that many perceive a knife to be better solely on its price, or it's esoteric nature.
I own 2 LCC's {DA & MA} and have another on order. I have handled a Benchmade Pinnacle and with out a doubt I would say go for the Microtech LCC! If you still want a mono lock type knife, then get a real Sebenza, not a copy. Just my .02

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Well, if you are not dazzled by the carbon fiber scales and anodized spacers of the LCC, you can make somewhat of an objective look at the two. The Pinnacle is extremely strong and reliable. The handle is made of solid Titanium slabs with an integral side lock.

In the LCC's favor, the handle is probably going to be slightly more comfortable for hard use because it is more contoured and is slightly thicker. The blade grinds in the LCCs I have seen were excellent, very thin edges. Probably a great cutting tool, but the less reliable liner lock.

Handle strength really only becomes an issue if you are prying, which you shouldn't be doing hard and often with a folding knife anyway. On the other hand, the liner lock is OLD TECH.
My 750 is my full time BEATER knife. It rides permanantly on my Bianchi bag and looks like it's been through hell....I guess it has
It's the older model with the stronger lock and has NEVER let me down even spending MUCHO time in saltwater environments.
The LCC is BY FAR a better made knife, possibly THE best factory liner lock made. It's also somewhat more complex and heavier. As with most of the folders I carry clipped in my pocket, the BM 750 gets pulled off my bag to handle the tough jobs keeping the other knives in good shape to show off


I just recieved my first MT LCC and loved it so much returned the other knife I got with it to get a second one. This thing is so sweet and now has found home in my left hand pocket.

Looks sweet and feels like it's tough as a tank and a half.

Ross T.
I had a BM Pinnacle and currently have an MT LCC MA. The BM had lots of blade play and wasn't very sharp out of the box. The lockup was good, but the liner lock on the LCC is also very good. Never once failed the "spine whack test." Lockup is very solid no blade play in any direction. Yes it is a good looking knife, but it is also very durable. It is a lot more solid feeling than the Pinnacle was. I gave the Pinnacle away and will never buy another Benchmade. The LCC is the best knife for the money out there. If there is a way for you to compare them side by side, do it. It's plainly obvious which is the better knife.

Do yourself a favor..... Spend the extra several dollars and get the LCC! You won't regret it!

In fact, you'll be elated that you did!

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The LCC without a doubt! I can't believe that you would even consider the Benchmade in the same class as the LCC! The LCC is easily twice the knife as the Pinnacle for the same money (maybe less?). If you want an integral lock that is in the same league as the LCC, then buy a Sebenza. My LCC locks rock solid (I doubt the Pinnacle's lock is stronger for real world applications), the grind lines are perfectly even, it is VERY sharp, and is extremely well executed. How many Benchmades will you need to hand inspect to find ONE with all of the above qualities? 10, 20, the entire production run? The LCC is a much safer bet if you want a high quality knife for the money. You should also handle the knives. If you like the Pinnacle better and don't have a problem with quality issues and can find a good one, then by all means go for it.

Take care and good luck,
Am I the only one who thinks the Pinnacle is the ugliest knife made to date. Go with the LCC. I have heard so many good things about it. I want one too now.


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I do not have LCC so far, maybe this is the main reason why I'm quite satisfied with my Pinnacle

It is very strong and reliable heavy-duty knife for very reasonable price. Is it not pretty? Maybe, but please take into consideration that nobody ever claimed it as "gentleman's knife".