Can't decide! Microtech LCC or BM Pinnacle?

I've never handled the Pinnacle, but the LCC M/A is my daily carry knife, and is an excellent all around knife. You can't go wrong with it. The LCC is solidly built, crazy sharp out of the box, and opens smooth as silk.

The pinnacle is 90 dollars when you find it on sale. The LCC is about 120 on sale and 140 normal internet price depending on which finish you get. There is a bit of a price difference between the two. Take into account what you want to use the knife for, because the price of the LCC and nice finish will probably cause you to hesitate before using it as hard as you might use the pinnacle. Nothing wrong with a nice looking knife though, and I'm not saying it won't be as tough. I just find it difficult to use a nice knife for cutting everyday garbage. For example, today I had to cut sand paper. The Buck did the job but took a good scratching in the process. You probably wouldn't cut sand paper with an LCC
Apples and oranges. Come on, tell us what you plan on using it for!

James Segura
San Francisco, CA
Another LCC fan here - it is no contest in my mind. I am a big fan of knives with thin edges and the LCC does not disappoint. I have owned 3 BM750's all of which closed off center, one rubbing.
I have both now and love them for different reasons. The BM750 is SOLID in lock up and feel and utilitarian in appearance. The LCC is beautiful.
The only answer is to get both and go through the torture of trying to decide which one to carry on any particular day.

They are both fine knives, But I think Id go with the LCC. For the money these are the better deal.

The only thing I dont care for on the LCC is the clip. The way it is cut out seems to make it a bit on the weak side. I bent mine VERY easy.

Keith D.Armacost
If The Women Don't Find You Handsome,
They Should At Least Find You Handy. R.G.
I think your choice would depend on what you want the knife for. If you are going to use and abuse your knife hard, go for the Pinnacle. because the LCC is just to nice-looking a knife to be abused, however, I'm sure that the LCC is more than overqualified to take rough use. I just wouldn't have the heart to use such a beautiful knife as the LCC so hard. I plan on purchasing the LCC, but it is going to be carried and used lightly. If you buy the 750, there is a chance your going to have to sharpen it right away as BM does not always deliver sharp out of the box. From reviewing the forums, I understand that the LCC is a scalpel. Hope this helps.