Carothers vs Fiddleback


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Jul 29, 2014
20 EDC 2's will be available Friday! 175 (EDC 2) were sold during the Pre-order, and around 100 BC's were also sold on the Pre-order:thumbsup:


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Mar 20, 2016
Having incredible demand and always selling out everything you can make would kinda not seem to be a DISadvantage, though, huh?

But bottom line, when a thread devolves to a point like it is right now, it does nobody any good.

Yup! Either the title needs to be changed to AND as opposed to VS or even better, Nathan / Lorien need to lock this one up.


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Dec 5, 2005
I only mod the custom and handmade forum, but if it were up to me, I'd make some changes to this thread

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Dec 4, 2009
Meh no need for anyone to get riled up over this. That's the problem with the world today. So many people act on feelings. Just relax. Buy what you like and what you can get.

If you want something but can't acuire it right away have some patience and wait. Sooner or later you will get it. No need to be all in your feels cause you didn't get instant gratification.

Like Justin stated above half the fun in testing knives out is buying new ones to see if it' the best for you and selling it when it isn't or using the piss out of it when it is.

So many awesome custom makers out there give em all a go if you can :)

And with CPK just be patient. I always wanted some of his knives but never could score on the sales. Missed presales etc. But I started watching this forum and have scored a light chopper, hdfk, and through a awesome member here even a edc2 in a flash sale. It can be done even if you were late to the craze of CPK knives
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Feb 9, 2012
Two different companies, two different style of knives. Nathan even does the fabrication for the fiddleback pro-series or midtech line. Even Andy has commented to me on how clean Nathan's stuff is. There's no brand war here except in the minds of some fanboys. It' silly.


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Nov 30, 2015
FWIW, I buy from a dozen or so maker on BF and can honestly say, I like them all for different reasons. Most makers are either in their own lane or veering out of their mentors lane with authority. From workhorses to beauty queen, some being both, not a whole lot of bad makers long term here on BF (users weed them out aggressively). Even the new and inexperienced ones from just a year or two ago have grown tremendously. I've taken a few chances on unknown makers, even across the globe in currencies I've never heard of and they nailed it back then and are killing it now. I would venture a lot of knives collected and/or purchased on BF spend at least some time in viewing mode exclusively, changing hands one or more times before being used at all.

In summary take some time to research your favorite makers' past, work back as close to the beginning as you dare. Compare their initial work with their current work, it's pretty cool actually for the ones I follow. The journey they made makes it possible for us to bicker and commiserate on who's best/worst, and say mine mine mine take my money weekly if not daily to get their wares.

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Mar 1, 2016
I just acquired my first Fiddleback Forge knives over the last week, or so - a Leuku and a BushBoot. The first few comments in this thread summarize how I feel; both CPK and FF are amazing bladesmiths, but they are geared toward a different demographic of consumers.

I think FF is focused more towards visual appeal (primarily) with the consumer having hundreds of options/combinations and variants on existing models to choose from. TONS of variety to satisfy the most obscure tastes and preferences for blade/handle shape and materials.

CPK makes hands-down the BEST bang-for-your-buck HARD-USE PERFORMANCE knives. The fact that Nathan, Jo, Lorien and Mark happen to ALSO have a keen eye for aesthetics, detail and beautifully complementary handle materials/options is just a serendipitous bonus to us CPK'ers. The .000" tolerances, exquisite beveling, 3D machining and constant pursuit to refine/improve on their "Tried & True" flagship models are what keep their consumers happy and coming back for more.

That being said, I love these Fiddlebacks. Even though they are quite a departure from the CPK blades I've come to love - they are probably the MOST "aesthetically-pleasing" knives I own. The Shadetree "Oreo" Burlap is definitely one of my favorite patterns, combined with the classy black micarta Bolster (on the Leuku) and black micarta pins and the awesome spalted finish make these blades a win/win, in my book. They are not crazy exotic or might be quite boring to some, but to each their own: the moment I saw these I was enamored and had to own them. Simple as that. I am equally pleased that they fit my mitts well and are both quite "usable" designs that are effective with what I need my knives to do.

The A2 steel will require more care/maintenance, and the edge geometry could use a little refinement to get them where I want - but I think they are both amazing blades.

The comfortably contoured shape and compact size of the BushBoot makes it a strong contender to compete with my EDC/EDC2 as an everyday companion on my belt; it is simply an awesome little tasker with quite a personality. The false swedge on top make it slightly more nimble for tip-oriented chores, but if nothing else, it just looks badass (to me). Comparison Specs to the EDC2, just for fun:

Fiddleback Forge BushBoot
Knife Weight - 4.1 oz
Overall Length - 7.4"
Tang - Full Exposed
Handle Material - Shadetree Oreo Burlap Micarta
Grind - Partial Convex
Blade Steel - A2 Tool Steel
Blade Length - 3.125" Cutting Edge
Blade Thickness - .125"
Blade Type - Drop Point
Blade Finish - 3D Spalted and Satin
Other Feature - "Bullseye" Lanyard Tube
Other Feature - Black and White Liners
Other Feature - Swedge Grind

Knife Weight - 4.9 oz
Overall Length - 7.6"
Tang - Full Exposed
Handle Material - Grippy 3D-Machined scales in Micarta or G10
Grind - Partial Convex
Blade Steel - Delta 3V, 61-62 HRC
Blade Length - 3.3" Cutting Edge
Blade Thickness - .145"
Blade Type - Drop Point
Blade Finish - Stonewash

The Leuku is kind of an odd-ball. I have a few other knives that are "similar" in size, but none of them are this "fancy".

I would liken it to a CPK Field Knife (which I do not own) purely based on the specs. Just for fun, here's a comparison of the two:

Fiddleback Forge Leuku
Knife Weight - 5.8 oz
Overall Length - 9.45"
Tang - Full Exposed Tapered
Handle Material - Shadetree Oreo Burlap and Black Canvas Micarta Bolster
Grind - Partial Convex
Blade Steel - A2 Tool Steel
Blade Length - 5"
Blade Thickness - .156"
Blade Type - Drop Point

CPK Field Knife
Knife Weight - 8.0 oz
Overall Length - 9.75"
Tang - Full Exposed
Handle Material - Grippy 3D-Machined scales in Micarta or G10
Blade Steel - Delta 3V, 62 HRC
Blade Length - 4.625"
Blade Thickness - .188"


Both knives are great examples of handmade excellence and appealing combinations of materials and designs. These will be staying in my collection. I really do like them, in their own right.



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Jul 10, 2017
I love my FK2 with the 90 degree spine. It fits my needs in so many ways. I have the HDFK but I have never used it. Also the answer to getting a CPK is to go to a blade show and get what you need. I ordered one and got it in under 2 weeks but that was a unique situation from what I hear. Other than extreme survival which I doubt anyone truly gets into unless force beforehand then the midsize knives are the most useful as it can do both jobs. I held a FF Duke in S35VN but never used it does anyone have experience with this blade?


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Nov 24, 1998
I had never heard of Fiddleback until now. So I went to their website to take a peek. They might be the best knives ever but I don’t like them. Saw a whole bunch and didn’t see one I thought I’d like to use. Moreover, pink is not my favorite color. On the other hand, I’m head over heels with my two CPK knives. If only there were a bird and trout type of light CPK. But to each his own.


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May 7, 2012
I ran though over 20 custom models of FF by Andy trying to find a good fit and didn’t like the Duke.

The one I liked the most was the Hiking Buddy, but I don’t imagine that’s what you are after if you’re looking at the Duke.

I can’t think of anything I’d want to use from FF that is comparable to either the FK2 or the HDFK.

The smaller patterns like the HB are more likely as CPK doesn’t really have anything in that size and style right now. EDC doesn’t compare.