Case knife quality

Apr 12, 2016
My entire collection is post 1970 to present Cases (~150 pieces). I am admittedly very picky, and I would say 1 out of 5 have defects that can't be seen in pictures that bother me and those don't stay with the firm (weak snap, bolster gaps & lateral wobble are the deal breakers for me). I'd say the most recent are the most consistent - rarely do I get a stinker. I'd say for the money, it's darn near impossible to beat Case quality, just expect to get one thats not perfect once in a while... these are mass produced knives after all. And lastly, expect the factory sharpening to be lousey - anticipate it will need to be honed (best case) or reprofiled (worst case) out of the box ... which is fine once you learn to accept that - their blade operators must be under such high volume demands, they just don't take the extra few seconds on the grinder to sharpen properly.

Henry Beige

Gold Member
Jun 1, 2015
Most of my Case knives have been pretty decent. The exceptions both came from big box stores in blister packs. A blue peanut had a poor dye job that left the edges of the scales a blotchy white. Just the other day I picked up a Sodbuster Jr. in yellow delrin and CV. You wouldn’t think a synthetic scale could be such a bad fit. On both sides, the liners are proud all the way around, and the blade is off center. By comparison, my orange Tru Sharp is quite nice.