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Ok. I forgot you didn't like rubber handles. Try a Cold Steel Bushman. It's even cheaper in price and you can wrap some adhesive to the handle if it's too slippery.
I'm surprised no one has mentioned Bob Dozier blades. His knives can be had for the price range, if you look hard enough. Check the For Sale Forum, or post in the Wanted section. He mainly uses D-2, and they look great too! He would be my first choice for a fixed blade. Check out the hunters, the Elk Hunter is the right size, and the Professional Guide's knife is just about 5".

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You might be able to find a Busse 5 or 7 in that price range as well, and you'll have a hard time finding a tougher knife than a Busse.

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JasonC, If you buy a Strider, you can beat the $hit out of it, and send it in to them, and they will make it look like new, all for the price of return shipping ($14). You can't beat the Striders, I have a custom folder from them, and have owned 2 others (a SA, and MT). I bought the SA used, and sent it to them (actually handed it to Mick) and it came back to me looking like it was BRAND NEW! and although I have yet to use the folder hard, I will use it if I need to. Their knives are Definately MADE FOR WAR!!!!!!!!!!!
Becker if you want a production piece.

Bill Siegle makes a nice blade.

Or Allen Blade.

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Check out Ivan Campos' stuff. You can find his website at K-100 (a.k.a. D3) is awesome steel, and so is his workmanship. I was fortunate enough to win his Christmas Knife Giveaway, his Standard Tanto, and this is one totally tactical blade.