Charles May OSK-1


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Feb 6, 2007
This is an interesting piece. I originally purchased the blade blank from a member (as I recall). It had a few bumps and bruises. I sent it back to Charlie and he put on custom Carhart micarta scales, cleaned it up and made up a new sheath. It has a lifetime of service left in it. Other than a few small dings in the spine and a few barely noticeable scuffs, which was there when I bought the blank and Charlie said was a character mark and left it on there, it’s almost newish. I’ve used it a couple times for a few feather sticks and that’s it. In my opinion, a fine woodsmans one knife option. This is a special one folks. OSK-1: Outdoor Survival Knife. Currently, Charlie has a year or so wait.

S30V, 9.24” OA, 4.625” blade

Asking $285 Sold

D188DC51-713B-4B23-B8CF-9A354E551598.jpeg 976C2B5F-AF95-438D-99B8-F105A29042A4.jpeg 81CEBC16-679A-4A91-83C7-A1D8BF089D0F.jpeg DB9DD1AF-5FD3-4846-AF3F-8F4678961354.jpeg 37341B1C-8947-4844-9584-18D88C8B240A.jpeg 5958EBAA-CC86-416F-818A-F2FD45EB2EB3.jpeg
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