Cheap Infi on the loose

haven't seen mine yet either but i think the mail is shut down. i thought they were not putting the logo on them?
I heard they're sterile too.

Still waiting on Patti to get my order straightened out, but I hope to see one by next week. :thumbup:
What you see is what you get, hide your women they are not sterile.
Man, I see the aftermarket prices on those going way over the GW:D since it is a much larger more useable blade.

I wish I had bought a bunch now.:mad:
man i cant seem to buy anything on the site, i click add to cart and it just comes up saying i have nothing in the cart..... go figure
Agree with everyone else;

- Says they DO NOT come with a Logo on the Crinkle Coat (yet they have it in the Pic)
- Can't get anything into a Cart

Anyone get a return email?
You are not reading the Scrap Yard Forum posts, just the front page description which applies more to the Scrapper 6 and upcoming regular production Scrappers, not this one time only Infi Street Scrapper 4.
The following is a direct quote from the Scrap Yard. It was the final word from Dan and Patti. I added the resizing and font color myself.

Here are some more pics of the INFI Street Scrapper. . . In order to differentiate the INFI Street Scrappers from other future runs of this model that might be made out of a different steel, we have added some pretty cool custom features. These include the Scrap Yard Logo with the word "INFI" under it as well as a satin finished spine. . . . ALL INFI Street Scrappers will have these features without exception. :cool:

When we make the Street Scrapper again out of a different steel, they will be sterile and fully coated.

The response to these blades has been amazing and the value of the INFI Street Scrappers is sure to rise.

Congratulations to all who got in on this one-time offer!

Scrap Yard Knives

Here's a pic of the knife with the logo. . .


Here's a pic of the satin finished spine.


Here's a Close-up of the logo . . .

You guys are gonna love this one, it's great. :thumbup:

Oh, and it fits just right into the original Howling Rat leather sheath. :cool:
Did I see a pic of a Satin Finish #4? These were not available when I purchased my Scrapper 4. Did I miss something?
I'm waiting on my 1 to arrive, should have got 2.
Should I use it or wait for it to come out again in that other metal:confused:
I thought it was a INFI that will never out of stock!!! So i took my time and...and....:(