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Feb 3, 2005
I usually make my chef knives from 1/8 inch stock but some like a knife a little beefier so this one is from 3/16 inch 1095 high carbon steel
I heat treat in a digitally controlled oven to create a fine grain structure at Rc 58-60
Flat grind with a slight convex grind
Professionally stabilized maple burl handle. Please note the small worm holes that have been filled
Overall length: 13 inches
Blade: 8 inches
Some things I have learned while making kitchen knives for the past 25+ years:
1. Round the top of the blade because some people like to choke up over the handle
2. I use a steel that stays sharp and is easy to bring back with a few swipes of a sharpening steel. (1095 will rust and develop a patina with use but if it is dried after washing and even a few drops of cooking oil will keep it rust free.)
3. Make the handle as comfortable as possible with contours and a palm swell

SOLD which includes shipping within the US and PayPal fees. My PayPal and email address is [email protected]

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Jan 11, 2008
Great! This is my very first custom Chef knife! Can’t wait! Thank you sir!!
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