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Nov 7, 1999
Hey Guys..

Wanted to show you some of my Choppers...

I've missed a couple of them,, but this is the lion's share of what I have..

There are some Machettes, Kuks, and a couple of large Moras missing...

I'll list the knife under the pictures...

All knives are 7" or larger



Listed in no particular order.

Cold Steel LTC light

Cold Steel Recon Scout

Ranger Knives RD7

Ranger Knives RD9

Ranger Knives RD6 (Only sub 7" blade)

Becker #7

Becker #9

Becker Partol Machette

Ontario Rat 7

Ontario RTAK

Busse Combat Battle Mistress E-series

Busse Combat Steel Heart E-series

Busse Combat Natural Outlaw E-series

Busse Combat Basic #9

Busse Combat Basic #7

Swamp Rat Battle Rat

Swamp Rat Camp Tramp

TOPS Anaconda 9

Bark River Evolution I

Allan Blade Custom Patrol Bowie

Kershaw Outcast

Jeff Diotte Custom Large Chopper

Jeff Diotte Custom Combat

Jeff Diotte Custom Combat variation

Jeff Diotte DDC (Diotte Combat Cleaver)

I think thats about it...



I likem choppers. Nice pics. :thumbup:
Boy, I bet that stump didn't see that coming!! :eek:

Nice pics & some awesome blades - thanks :D
Fess up Eric. You've been trading custom sheaths for knives again, right? ;) Nice grouping. I may have to send you an oddball knife to be sheathed myself sometime. :thumbup:

Very nice Normark :thumbup:

Just curious, which do you find to be the most efficient chopper out of the bunch? That being said, which is your fav or which do you tend to prefer?
Great googlymoogly, thats alot of choppers in one pic. Very nice:D :thumbup:
Some serious hair splitters there! very nice, I just got my RD7 orange G10 handles, I really like it. I'd like to know your fav's too. You must really jingle when bumped! Are you Santa?
Hey Guys...

Thanks guys..



That I have my friend!


Ohh boy.. tough question...
Man,, I don't know...

I like them all....

Probably and in no particular order my Diotte Combat Cleaver (DCC), BM-E, RD9 RD7 SH-E, Anaconda, SH-E and my Diotte Custom Combat and variant
I honestly use them all,, so it's really hard to say...


I will try..Can't promise,, but i'll try and do it tomorrow.tomorrow probably the last day of nice weather for awhile...


Yaa the Outcast is a decent knife for the money.. I'ts got a good handle and a nice sweet spot...

Thanks guys glad you enjoy the pics


I Hate you Because You Have more than Me:D

Seriously Nice collection, I now know who to ask about some of the choppers i am looking at.
Can You Post A Photo Of Them All Side By Side??


I second that request. That's about the best damn collection of serious production knives I've ever seen in one stump :D

Better yet, send 'em to me, I'll take the pics for ya. ;)
Whole lotta chopping power there Normark, very nice. Are there any trees left standing in your neighborhood:D
Nice collection Eric. We'll have to call you Eric chopperhands. :D I like the one in the center/front with the brown handle and dark blade.
Did you use all them knives to chop down the tree so you could use the stump? lol Damn that is a lot of good steel there.