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Cigar Collection up for trade

Discussion in 'Trade: Gadgets & Gear' started by serratededge, May 3, 2012.

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  1. serratededge

    serratededge Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 30, 2008
    I`ve collected and smoked cigars for many years. Time to quit so I am liquidation my collecting. All cigars have been stored in my 2 larger humidors for years, some aged as long as 10+ years and some just a couple of years. Kept at 65% RH via humi beads.

    ALL GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MUST be 18 or over to trade.

    Trade offers considered for larger size folders from Spyderco, Cold Steel, Kershaw, Benchmade, CRKT etc..
    Some main wants....
    Bradley Alias I
    ZT0560 or 0561
    Kershaw Tyrade
    Kershaw Junkyard Dog
    Kershaw Lahar
    Boker Titanium Titan
    Boker Epicenter
    CRKT Nirk Tighe
    CRKT Eraser
    CRKT The Natural
    Spyderco Large Lum
    Spyderco Large G10 Persian
    Spyderco Manix
    Spyderco Police G10
    Spyderco Military
    Spyderco Para 2
    Spyderco Enduras in all flavor of colors

    Lot #4 Rare Churchill Collection
    Rare ones...2 La Gloria Cubana Series R Limitada monster torpedos from 2005 (only available via humidor purchase), Casa Fuente Lancero (only available via a visist to Las Vegas), Diamond Crown maximus, Fuente Anejo maduro 05, Pardron Anniversary 1964 Maduro, LGC Series R in glass tube.....

    Lot #5 Robusto Sampler-20 different robusto sized cigars as shown in the pic. La Auroa, CAO, Onyx, Perdomo, Indian Tabac, Don Lino Africa, rare Bucanero, Carlos Torano, 5 Vegas, an 888 etc......

    Lot #6 Gurkha and Joyo de Nicaragua Antonio lot- Full bodied smokes! Includes a Gurkha Extra Fuerte, 5 Centurians and 3 Legends perfectos (these are stellar smokes), and 8 full body spicy JDN 1970 gems......

    Lot #7 Rocky Patel Factory Selects Sun Grown plus bonus- This is a lot of 19 original Factory Selects when they were indeed Rocky Patel Sungrown seconds. These are beautiful oily spicy full bodied smokes that taste like the real thing. Aged about 8 years. Also includes an original version of the sun grown blend...OSG.......

    Lot #8 20 Different Torpedos Sampler- This is a hand picked lot of 20 different torpedos. Some real nice gems with the highlight being the Carlos Torano Tribute 2004. Others include Trinidad, Padillia Obsidian, Alex Bradley prime, Torano Virtuoso, La Flor dominica Double Ligero chisel tip, Perdomo, Gran habano, Diablo, Dupont, Montecristo serie VI, Torano Signature, Arganese, Don Kiki, Matasa Anniversary, rare Bucanero, Pueblo Dominico and Cupid....

    Lot #12 Large Churchill Sized Premiums- This hand picked lot includes Rockey Patel Sungrown, RP Fusion, Trinidad sungrown, Momona island Prince, Montecristo Platinum, Rocky Patel signature, rare CAO limited 65th anniversary, Alex Bradley Gold, Rocky Patel Olde World Reserve, 2 A Fuente Hemminway, Fuente Sungrown, Fuente Chateau, Perdomo and CAO gold, all premiums........

    Lot #13 Premium Toro sized gems- This lot includes 2 Fuente 858, Fuente Hemingway, 2 COA Extreme, 2 Fonseca habana, Perdomo, Partagas Rosado, La Flor double ligereo, Graycliff white, Oliva sun grown, Bucanero, Punch gran puro, Don pepin, La Aroma de Cuba, Tatigue, La Flor, Partagas...all premiums......

    Lot #14 Affordable robusto premium sampler- This affordable lot includes La Aroma de Cuba, Fonseca, Gran Habano, CAO extreme and cameroon, 5 Vegas, 3 sancho panza, Don kiki, Alec Bradley prime, Cuban Crafters and a few other surprises......

    Lot #15 High end gems- Higher end smokes include Torano tribute 2004, Dimeola with the nicest plume you have ever seen on a cigar!, La Flor Dominica Double ligero Chisel, rare La Auroa 100 Anos, La Flor Litto Gomez Chisel, Graycliff Red, Graycliff Black, Torano 1916, Don tomas Cameroon collection, 3 rare original run CAO Extreme from around 2003, CAO Italia, CAO Brazilla, Oliva serie V, and 3 pricey perfectos from La Aurora including Maduro, platinum and sapphire........

    Lot #16 Spicy sampler-This lot includes 5 very rare original run CAO Extremes from about 2003. They are very spicy, full bodied and wonderfully aged. Also includes 9 well aged Carlos Torano 1916 Cameroons filled with sweet spice. Also includes 5 very spicy REO from Rocky Patel.......

    Lot #17 Full Bodied Rothschild Collection- This lot includes Punch rare Corojo, REO, 4 A Fuente Sun Growns, 2 Gran habano Corojos, 2 Punch Gran Puros, 2 Hoya de Nicaragua Celebrations, 2 Hoya de Nicaragua Antonios, Cuesta Rey Sun Grown, Sancho Panza Maduro, 5 Vegas serie A, and 4 Paratagas Blacks........
    Last edited: May 4, 2012
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