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Circle-P Knives

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Jun 11, 1999
I recently purchased a knife from Paul Vandine of Circle-P knives ( www.circlepknives.com ), and the experience was a pleasant one. The knife purchased was from a new maker, Eric Elson, of London Ontario, Canada. I was in search of a nice entry level hunter for a gift, and this blade fit the bill.

I placed the order online at Mr. Vandine's site, and was contacted very quickly to confirm the order. Shortly after that, I was contacted again, being informed that the knife was no longer available. Mr. Elson had sold the knife.

Mr. Vandine contacted the maker, had another knife matching the original one built, delivered to my door, and at a price that was less than originally posted. Excellent service in my book!

Mr. Vandine was a pleasure to work with, and worthy of your consideration. Check him out!

I will be posting a picture and description of the knife here on Blade Forums very soon.


I ordered a Caffrey EBK from Paul and the deal went through without a hitch. Paul was great at maintaining contact throughout the sale and even followed up to make sure everything was fine. That is a nice touch as it shows that he is not out strictly to make a quick buck, but believes in long time satisfaction and building a solid customer base. All pluses in my view.