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CKF Evo 4.0's DAMASTEEL / Kubey Drake S30V


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May 11, 2012
1. CKF Evo 4.0 Damasteel - New, never carried. Bought 2 of the new ZircuTi Clips and mounted on this to see what it looks like, well it looks bad ass... makes it harder to let go but have too many Evo's.... Asking $820 shipped PPFF

5. Kubey Drake Camo G10 / S30V -
Like new but cant find the box, pretty amazing knife for the money, excellent action, impulse buy because I liked the camo g10 and blade shape and was going to use as a beater. But sat in knife case since. Asking $40 shipped PPFF (If you buy either of the Evo's, I will throw it in for free if you want it)

Only Trade interest I can think of is a MEFP Zaan, Eutsler DUK, Strider SNG or SMFs in DGG or CC, or a Spyderco Paysan (recent version).

Feel free to reach out with questions or if you would like more pics.

Thanks for looking!


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