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Mar 12, 2016
Will ship US priority with tracking. Below are descriptions, price, and link to pics. Unless it says sold, it is still available.

Hinderer MP-1 S35vn Black G10. $275 *****SOLD*****

Knife has no marks on blade or handles that I can see. Bought off forum so can't say if edge is original but looks similar to others I have seen. Centered. ONLY issue I see is the tippy tip of blade appears to have been rounded. And I mean the tippy tip. Most might not even notice but for the ultra picky like me who might see it. I am sure for a competent sharpener it will sharpen right out. You can see in pics how insignificant it is, but I want to fully disclose what I at least notice.

ZT 0920 20cv $175 ****SOLD****

Perfect as far as I can tell. I am original owner, never cut with it, never sharpened, never nuttin. Centered, nice early (but not too early) lockup, and action is devine.

Spyderco Para 3 s30v black G10 $95. *****SOLD*****

Great shape. original owner. No marks on blade, original edge, never sharpened, carried a few times to mainly just fondle and may have opened some mail at most. Super good shape, centered, solid lockup, and except for edges of G10 showing a wee bit of shininess from coming and going from pocket it would be LNIB.

Giant Mouse 3 M390 $275. STILL AVAILABLE

Knife is perfect in every way except for small scratch on clip that I have no idea how it got there. Maybe my wedding ring. Never carried, never cut anything AT ALL, centered, smooth, and no marks anywhere else. I just paid $325 about a week ago and because of the clip scratch you can save $50. Only selling because just a bit thin for my liking. Like a bit more girth than this. Can see how this would be really nice gents folder though.
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