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Jul 6, 2009
O'Neill fixed blade... $150 G&S (tiny bit less than I paid)
No trades, CONUS
O'Neill's good name, his high hollow grind on a 1/8 A2 blade and the HT tells you a lot.
O.A.L is 7-1/4" with the blade at 3-1/8 and edge at 3 . It is 1-1/8" wide at the front of handle.
Have this brand new fixed blade for sale...has been in a box since I bought it...never carried, used or sharpened... The grip color is medium gray/green as in the enclosed link.
PP funds payable immediately upon your unconditional "I'll take it" and a PM ("conversation") to me.
Here is the original sales thread from Bladesmith O'Neill...
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Bradford Guardian 3 (qty 2) both in M390, 3.1" sharp blade edge; 3.3" tip to grip.
One in stonewash, one (the darker-colored blade) in nimbus finish.
The stonewash blade (lighter G10) has been sharpened with my Edge Pro; the dark G10 nimbus has factory edge. Both blades are
I've owned about eight of this model...neither one of these has been carried or used.
$140 PP G&S for either one of these great knives... No trades; CONUS only
Full PP expected immediately after posting unconditional "I'll take it" in the thread.
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