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Colchester Bowie

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Sep 3, 2004
Hi guys

This is my Colchester Bowie
13oal 7 1/2 from guard to tip
forged clay tempered 1075
.250 at the thickest distall taper to the tip
cocobolo handle (mortised tang const.)
red and white fiberspacers
mild steel guard (1020)
tooled leather sheath by Paul Savage
This would make a soild usable classy field knife
$235.00 (U.S.) + shipping
money orders and paypal(+3%)

shipping includes a padded zipper case


Thanks for looking
Sounds great, and looks great so far as I can tell---any chance of a bigger pic? :)

I thougth the same thing Warren. Looks like a nice knife but hard to see. I always like to see bowies.
By all means, lets's ee a bigger pic! That is too interesting just for speculation.
Definitely need a bigger picture to see the workmanship etc.

If so, Dr. D would have beat me to buying it once more!
Howdy Ray! I was using my new hunter the other day, though sadly not on game. Worked great all the same, though. ;)

I think Jimi said in another thread that this particular knife was his own favorite of his creations this year. Makes me want to see it all the more! :D