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Oct 2, 1998
Cold Steel Fans,

It's unfortunate, but less than 48 hours after we opened the Cold Steel Forum, we were informed by Steve that Cold Steel will not be able to participate on for the near future. Suffice it to say, your eagerness to talk about Cold Steel and their products severely outstripped the number of hours he has in a day! But, what do you expect when you guys make 125 posts in less than 2 days?

So, while we aren't going to rule out reopening the forum again in the future, for now we're going to limit it to replies only, then shut it down. Hopefully Steve, Lynn, and the rest of the Cold Steel family will stop by the forums and continue to maintain contact with the Internet Knife Community that we've formed, when they have enough time. There will always be a space here for them.


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they also participate over at that "other" sharpy-edgy-tool site we all know of. Are they still going to have a forum over there? i only browse over there; i'd rather see them stay with us.
Also, i think it's a horrendous marketing and PR mistake for them to not take the time and effort for this forum; any problems i ever had in the past dealing with the Customer Service aspect of CS would have been easily solved with access to this type of forum. i also wonder where the CS priorities are at; by this i mean, look at the other companies on this part of Bladeforums- it seems to me that some of them don't have half of the knife market that CS claims; some of these sit here for weeks without anybody posting on them; and yet, they're still here, waiting to help out their potential customers. if CS claims to be the best, how can they do less?
oh, well. their decision; their loss.
Most disappointing this is!!!!!!

I seriously think that this is a huge mistake for CS. They need to represent themselves here at the largest and most extensive knife site on the net. We are their customers and we spread the word. Good or bad.
I think that a full time person should be employed to handle this site (for them) and to look into our questions and concerns.

Well, maybe they'll put out the effort next time.

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Perhaps the reason that there were so many posts right off of the bat is because it is new to this forum. Customers do have questions. I'm a little disturbed. To my knowledge, ColdSteel has never made it possible to ask questions or make comments on their web site nor via e-mail. Sure ColdSteel products are great, but so are alot of others--others who do encourage input from customers.

Was Steve forced into this forum, or did he really believe that there would be little participation? Its only natural that people want to talk about such a popular manufacturer in a knife forum, isn't it?
It doesn't make sense to leave because there's too much interest in the company's product ... unless they think that there would be just as much interest even if they don't respond to their customers. And that doesn't sound like the Cold Steel I've been dealing with over the years: Bushman, Culloden, Delta Dart, ER1, El Lobo, SRK, Ultralock Tanto, Vaquero Grande, Warhead.

Sadly, Cold Steel is ALSO pulling out of the short-lived CS Forum, over at the "other" knife forum.
. (I even offered to help moderate the Cold Steel Forum to help take some of the "pressure" off of Steve Hoffa, but that offer didn't "pan out".).


Yup. It IS SAD that Cold Steel doesn't think enough of its' loyal customers, to stick it out here on the Forums long enough to at LEAST give it a CHANCE of working-out.

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Now that was a bone headed move. Nothing like a faulty start to scew up your credibility.
Boy it seems odd that Jerry Busse says Hi and welcome and the whole forum melts down.....
Look guys - Steve Hoffa tried this as an experiment to see if Cold Steel could get more exposure on the Internet. Unfortunately, the man only has so many hours in the day, and didn't expect you guys to be so enthusiastic, which is partly my fault since I probably could have briefed him better on what to expect.

I am fully confident that Steve (and Cold Steel) will be looking for ways to better tap into this medium, and adapt to what we have to offer. I'll be calling him on Monday to see if we can work out a game plan that will be more successful for everyone. In the mean time, let's not burn any bridges, okay?


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Sorry if I came on too strong by showing my disapointment that the Cold Steel Forum didn't stick around for very long, but I think there REALLY is a "need" (or a "want"?) for the information that can be shared, via a Cold Steel Forum. (You can see that, by the large amount of posts made while the Cold Steel Forum WAS here

As you might remember, I was ONE of the BladeForums members who e-mailed you to request a Cold Steel Forum, and I EVEN offered to co-moderate such a Forum.

PLEASE delete my "griping at Cold Steel" posts, if you think it might help with the Cold Steel/BladeForums future relationship.

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Like other forumites, I think this is a bad move on Cold Steel's part. Also, I think it's a poor marketing move.

If anyone from CS is reading this, by maintaining a forum here you can definitely strengthen your customer loyalty. This forum affords you the opportunity to respond to and rebut negative claims, enhance your customer service, and keep a finger on the pulse of your market by hearing directly what your customers like, don't like, and want to see in terms of new products.

I most often visit the Buck, SOG, and Himalayan Imports forums. Based on what I see there, you gotta be crazy to terminate the Cold Steel forum. It may take time to moderate it, but it's an investment well spent.

I, along with many other forumites I imagine, want to see the Cold Steel forum continue.

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I don't normally do this, but in an effort to bring back the CS forum and to show CS what they're missing, I'll throw out some info on myself for them to chew on.

I own the following CS products:
Recon Tanto
Rifleman's Hawk
SF shovel

I plan to buy the following sometime soon:
Bush Ranger
Master Hunter

Your Carbon V is impressive. I like your handle designs and I like the feel of Kraton, but would be more enthusiastic about them if you were to switch to some similar "grippy" material that is impervious to DEET. I'm glad you switched to concealex sheaths--that was a big step forward. I'd like to see more of your sheaths made from concealex. And last but not least, I wish you'd bring back the Warhead in epoxy coated Carbon V!

There. You have more feedback from me here than I can ever fit on a warranty registration card. I hope you can see how much of an asset a forum here can be to CS. You have access to instant feedback from people who really know knives and own and use a lot of them--both CS and others. It's not just an open complaint line. But hey, complaints are important feedback too that can help you improve your products.

These guys will compare your products with similar products by other makers, and they'll give you honest critiques. Whichever company pays closest attention and responds with product improvements the quickest is going to lead the industry.

I can understand discontinuing a forum for LACK of interest, but for TOO MUCH INTEREST?!? I'm not upset, and don't mean to offend here, but I am seriously wondering: Were you hoping for a more mediocre, less enthusiastic turnout? I guess I just don't understand.

Regardless of your decision here, I wish CS continued success.

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I was one of the first posters here, and suggested a contest from CS as an ice-breaker into the forums, and a goodwill builder. Obviously, they didn't need to give anything away to attract people here, but their response nonetheles bothered me.

As I said then, it's their business, they can run it however they want. Apparently, this is how they want.

Another example of CS being the 'enigma' of the cutlery world. Making wild ad claims, challenging competitors to put up or shut up, complaining about the lack of coverage in the knife rags - and putting out some great performing and great selling products all the while. I think they like to be seen as the 'renegades' , 'outsiders', 'victims'. That act may sell for politicians, but not when you're competing for market share in an increasingly competitive market, for an increasingly knowledgable customer base.

And, I'm a little disturbed by some people here trying to make nice-nice, and apologizing for critiquing CS's actions here. Let's get this straight - they are trying to sell a product, I (all of us) am the customer. Got it ? They need us, we do not need them, not as competitive as this market is. Most of us right now have a bigger wish list than wallet, and CS, like all the other makers, needs to fight for my $.

So, none of us consumers need to be concerned about burning any bridges with knife makers
...And MY Cold Steel Knives investment:

Stainless Magnum Tanto (9 inch blade)
Stainless Tanto ("new-style")
Stainless Trail Master
Stainless Bush Ranger
black Carbon V Recon Scout
black Carbon V Recon Tanto
black Carbon V Peace Keeper II
black Carbon V SRK
Ex-Large Gunsite
Ex-Large Voyager (plain-edge)
Large Voyager (combo-edge)
Medium Voyager (combo-edge)
El Hombre (plain-edge)

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How are international customers and collectors supposed to email them.I checked thier website and couldn't find an email address.So I thought I'd try this, then i see it's going to close.
If I stopped replying to my customers i'd soon be out of business.
You can't afford to step too far away from the end buyer.
Most unfortunate. I believe it would have been great PR, and would have made them many otherwise invisible friends and bucks. Guess they just weren't ready. It's too bad, since many of the other manufacturers are giving their time and attention to their customers here.

If anyone from Cold Steel is reading in, I think you'll agree that your presence here with your own forum would be a positive thing for your business.

We'll leave the door unlocked and the light on. Y'all come back now, ya hear?

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Well, it would appear to me that if you are a mfg and committed to an internet forum to be available to your customer's, then MAYBE YOU WOULD GEAR UP FOR IT! You know there must be some benefit to these forums if other manufacturers are on the forums. Look at CRK and Spyderco (talk about success stories that the forum HELPED to create). All I can tell Lynn Thompson and crew is "bad form". Those challenges and video tapes won't get you near the exposure to your clients as the internet will. More and more people are surfing and becoming proficient. (check the increase in membership on blade forums alone).

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This is really a shame, looks like Cold Steel just got too warm a reception.

I just recieved my second CS knife, something to go with my Trail Master in Stag. Take a look two very impressive knives.


Of course CS doesn't make the Black Bear Classic in stag so I had mine rehandled.

Everything looks better in Stag.

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Heh, have to take a jab here. I was kind of excited to hear that they'd have a forum and am pretty bummed b/c I just got a Javelin and a lathi. Both great, but the javelin shaft is kinda bowed and I was thinking that this forum would be a good place to bring up customer concerns. This just gives me the impression that Cold Steel really is full of hot air. And I don't think that that "briefing [Steve]more fully" is an acceptable excuse at all. What did Steve think a moderator was?

Above all, this is a disappointment as I was looking forward to discussing some of Cold Steel's more martial related products (like the Javelin, Assegai, Boar spear and tomahawks), despite my disdain for their arrogant advertising. I'll agree to everyone's opinion here: They make good stuff. Not the greatest, but no one's perfect, not even [insert favorite maker here]. I, like others, were willing to come to the table and ask some really good questions that we thought Cold Steel would care about w/ regards to customer satisfaction. "Not enough hours in the day" is only a marginally acceptable excuse when you're supposed to be representing a nationally recognized company. And I know that we weren't supposed to "burn any bridges" or any of that but I'm really disappointed here and the folks at Cold Steel need to know that. So reprimand me if you want, but the fact is, customer opinions are what companies like Spyderco, Benchmade and Cold Steel are built upon and if Cold Steel doesn't have the time to listen to those voices then maybe I should write CRKT or Spyderco or whoever to start making tomahawks, spears, lathi's and sub-hilt fighters.