Cold Steel Forum will be closed...

Over the past two months, I've asked Cold Steel for a catalog twice. Never got one. Where I live, you can't get a "hands on" of most of their new products. So I'd have to order them. But first, I need to look and read more than a net page. I was planning to buy the Assegai , the War Hammer , the Battle Axe , and a javelin. But seeing this example of customer service... I'm going to buy my spears and axes elsewhere, from folks who respond to my asking for a catalog. I wanted to buy Cold Steel products. But I DO NOT buy from folks who appear to not give a darn about the end user. Customer service is the most important thing after product quality.


Kevan "Raven" Taylor-Perry
Too bad. I hope CS returns. As one of the most innovative and dynamic knife makers around, it gets a lot of interest. I am a long time CS fan.
Been following CS for a while and finally got my first CS knife, an SRK. I really like it for the price. I was willing to overlook the complaints about poor warranty and customer service and take my chances for a cheap fix blade user. But when you see them pulling off the Forums, "just like that" and complaints about catalogue requests, no email address on their website combined with the complaints about poor warranty service you have to wonder ... where there is this much smoke, could there be a fire?

Look at the monarchs of customer service, Buck, Chris Reeve, Marbles ... they are all succesful.
Yeah, I had problems gettin' 'em to mail a catalog too... It looks like they only mail them out quarterly... Once every season... and if you ask for one, they won't send you one until they send 'em out for the next season -- but you should get it... =>