Cold Steel Ghurki vs Ang Khola ghurki...

Jun 15, 1999
Out of these 2 - any preferences. I hear the Ang is better from some people, but is worth the extra money? How much better? Is it hype?

I don't know where you are getting your prices from, but Cold Steels are way more expensive! (I am a serious Cold Steel fan)
Cold steel are not what I consider a real Khukuris. Here is a link to the place to go and there is no comparison.

Drac Noroc

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No contest. Get the HI AK. I will warn you once you own one high quality Khukuri you will want to buy more. I know I sure have!


Tom Carey
How much is the Ang Khola? I thought they went for like $330 a piece? Cheaper? I'd liek to get one if they're cheap, but don't have a credit card to order over the internet. The 12 inch Ang Khola looks real sweet, would love to show that off while excessivly bragging
Wow, these things look nice...the Ang Khola I really want one of these. They're better than a Cold Steel Ghurka Kukri you say??
One more question - how hard are those to get a hold of? Are they like Busse Battle Mistresses?
The very best Khukuris Bill Martino of HI gets ahold of run less than $200, with the exception of a very few ultra-fancy museum-grade pieces that would NOT be "users". He sells good working grade in the $100 or less quite often.

I just paid $125 for a long skinny beastie (21" overall, weighs a bit over a pound), more or less a "Chainpuri" version. It CAN do utility and chopping work, but it's really more of a combat short-sword. It's extremely cool...and one hell of a good deal at the price. The Sirupati is the lightest of the "normal catalog pieces" on the website, the Chainpuri is lighter yet. The Ang Kholas are the heaviest...the 15" Ang Khola can do a lot of work for the size range, above that I think I'd probably go BAS/WW2 type for a hair less heft. BUT if you've got the arm strength, a big Ang Khola one baaaad motorscooter.

For chopping and heavy utility, some people seem to like the 18" (overall) range because the grips are a bit better fit for Western hands than the 15" series. Although Joe Talmadge's 15" Ang Khola felt fine to me.

EMail Bill with what you want in terms of length and intended use and he'll either have something laying around, or he'll keep an eye out. Their new shop has a habit of spitting out "cool and different one-off pieces" from the "visiting kami program", that's where mine came from...that's in addition to their "regular product line" as seen on the page.

The wait will be *nothing* like trying to score a Busse, it won't take near as long.

Jim March
Wow, I'm really liking this Ang Khola - seems there are a lot more people liking this one to the Cold Steel one...
12in or 15 in is what I'd want, need a good chopper, and this might be it. Let's see what books I can do without in college to get some money asaide for one...
Hello Tuff,

I *just* rec’d my first khukuri a couple days ago -- a 15” Ang Khola -- and am *very* impressed. Very robust design and sturdy construction, w/a “zone tempering” which I find unusually excellent given the available heat treating technology/resources in semi-urban/rural Nepal. (By “unusual,” I can’t speak too much about edge-holding yet, as I haven’t really had a chance to work it hard; but the very quick, easy, and *effective* edge-restoring/improving w/the included Chakma -- a sort of mini version of a kitchen steeler -- is really quite astounding. Enough to make me *very* curious about the whole “traditional” heat-treating process!)

The Ang Khola is definitely a *chopper*, as its balance is the most heavily blade-oriented of all the khukuris available through either HI or GH. Just toying around in the garage, hacking up a few 2x4 scraps and a previously-damaged plastic milk crate, the AK delivers a pretty extraordinary amount of power for its size.

I should also note that I’m not a “big knife” fan -- this is, in fact, my “first” (does that sound like losing my virginity, or what?). The chopping power of other big knives I’ve handled (i.e., over 7” blade for me) just have not convinced me that “size matters,” as I can always find a smaller tool to do a “big knife” job w/less effort. But the AK is doing a good job of persuading me that a “biggie” may have a place in my gear, after all. Will try to post again when I get a chance to really put the AK through its paces (which, given the things I do, won’t nearly approach the rigorousness of existing test results, unless I decide to be Superman for the hell of it).

But also think about what you’d want to use it for. For example, for use as a machete, the AK wouldn’t be very good, as I imagine the forwardly-aggressive blade weight would really do a number on your (or at least my) arms. Another model w/more neutral balance, might sacrifice some sheer chopping power, but would likely perform much better for use as a machete (clearing through loosely-fixed or hanging material of varying density and texture, etc). In fact, this is something that I’m thinking about currently...

Anyhow, my 2 cents -- tough choices!

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IMO forget the CS. There is just something intangible about the hand forged real khukuris that puts them a cut above so to speak. You feel it as soon as you pick it up and even more when you work em hard. It`s hard to argue with 400 years of R&D! I have a GH Bhojpure (like a slightly beefier BAS) and I`ve been thrilled with it. FWIW the GH Khukuris aren`t quite the museum pieces the full tilt HIs are but they`re finished quite nicely and really priced right for a working knife. Most folks guess mine must have set me back about $250,it was $79! HI`s Shop 2 line is also great bang for the buck and their Village line are a bit on the rough side at times but just as strong and sharp. I`ll repeat the warning though,once you buy one you WILL want more.
Sorry to rain on your HI Parade, but drac noroc, you are mistaken. Cold Steel Kukris are NOT way more expensive, and they ARE Kukris. Here are the facts:

1. The Cold Steel Gurkha Kukri IS a Kukri, and was recognized as such by the American Bando Association.

2. True, Cold Steel sells theirs for $239.99 in their Catalog, but if you bother to shop a little, you can find one ALOT cheaper. Knives Plus has them listed in their mail order catalog last time I looked for $179.97; plus shipping is $7.50.

3. HI has their Ang Kholas listed for $125, $175, $195, and $250 - 12", 15", 18", and 20" respectively. Shipping is $10.00 for under $200 purchase, and $20 for over $200 purchase.

CS Gurkha Kukri's overall lenghth is 17", it's thickness is 5/16", and it weighs 22 oz.
A HI Ang Khola, at a similar price, is the one w/ the 15" overall length, it is 3/8 in. thick, and weighs 24 oz.

So the decision is entirely personal. I personally think the CS Gurkha Kukri looks better, but I don't have a Ang Khola, so I can't say if thicker, but shorter would definitely make for a better chopper.

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The H.I. Kukuri takes first place in my heart
as a tough, practical blade for survival use, and I have used both HI and CS. As a brush cutting tool the CS may have some advantage,
being lighter. As a practical chopping utility blade, it doesn'nt come close to the HI Ang Khola.

I am not down on CS. I own many, but until you own a HI you just can't understand. It is like holding a piece of history in your hands. The specs have nothing to do with my personal choices on the matter. I own CS Kukri and it is just not the same thing. I always come to the defense of CS. I like their products. Buy a HI and then let me know what you think after holding and using them both. I paid $100.00 for my 15 and that included shipping.

Drac Noroc

A mind is like a
parachute, it only functions when open.

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Hansen :

The Cold Steel Gurkha Kukri IS a Kukri

That is may be, but ask a kami in nepal if it is khukuri and you will get a different answer.

I can't say if thicker, but shorter would definitely make for a better chopper.

Thinner is only better if it doesn't bind. On soft to moderate woods the CS will bind readily. On really hard woods this will not be a problem but I would wonder about edge fractures.

What's up with the Cold Steel being/not being a Ghurki? Is it technically a ghurki, but in the minds of others not? Kind of like technically the Bengals could make the Superbowl, but you know they won't...?
Tuff: A "Ghurka" is a *person*, usually a type of mercenary soldier from Nepal employed by India or Britain. A *khukuri* is the type of blade in question and always carried by Ghurkas.

The Nepalese Kamis that make real Khukuris wouldn't call a CS Khukuri a Khukuri. Believe it or not, the biggest problem is lack of the "Cho", the little notch at the base of the blade - the Kamis are Hindu, and the Khukuri with Cho has ritual significance.

The two biggest practical problems with CS Khukuris are the blade shape which lends itself to the "gets stuck" problem Cliff mentioned, plus a real Khukuri has better shock absorbtion properties due to grip/tang construction.

The Bando Federation lent it's stamp of approval to the CS back before Himilayan Imports had really ramped up. Before them, most Khukuris you saw stateside had "India" markings and were of a quality level best described as "disgusting bordering on horrendous". Per several sources, your average Bando meet is now a great place to see genuine Nepalese GOOD Khukuris and they're abandoning the CS in droves.

Jim March
Tuff, if you check the HI forum thread about the "Bhudhuni Khukuri" there may still be one of these villagers left. 20" OAL, about 2lbs, and $85 - including shipping if I remember right. And I understand more villagers are in that haven't been put up yet. A few days back a smaller shorter lighter villager went for $55, I believe.

Some users say the CS is worth it. I can't say as I've never owned one.

Ghurka House imports knives made in Nepal by Khukuri House and has a standard line of knives for about what HI wants for it's villagers and HI blems. I've never owned one of these either.

If you've read the different threads in the past about Cold Steel's advertising "hype" turning some people off ( who will quite readily admit that CS makes a good knife,) then you know how I feel about Gurkha House.
And about Cold Steel for that matter. Please understand that's my own personal opinion and has nothing to do with CS and GH knive's performance or value.

More to the point is that HI knives seem to me to have individual personalities and incredible ergonomics. YMMV.

Good luck on your decision, Tuff. If you buy an HI, like the lawyer said, "Do you have any motorcycles or guns you can sell to get more money?" Buy one HI and you'll want them all. And then spares.

PS- 15" is the smallest Ang Khola. They hadn't made 12" AK's for years til I persuaded them to make one run of 6. The 12" Sirupati is not in the chopping league with the other khuks, but handles awesomely.

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I have both the CS Gurkha and a few Ang Khola's (15", 18", and 20"). My pick would be the 18" Ang Khola (since the khukuri often must fit in my backpack).

The CS is built more along the lines of a weapon. The flat ground blade cuts extremely well and allows deep penetration during stabbing. I can thrust the CS into a free standing 2x4 and have the tip stick and retain the wood. I have knocked the board over everytime I try this with the Ang Khola. The CS has very similar chopping abilities to the 15" Ang Khola.

The 18" Ang Khola chops much better than the CS Gurkha and 15" Ang Khola. It weighs around 32 oz compared to 22 oz. The length is very similar to the CS Gurkha. The only time I have gotten the Ang Khola really stuck is when the tree I was cutting collapsed on it. I can not say the same for the CS Gurkha.

I shopped around and paid around 160 plus delivery for my CS Gurkha. There are deals that pop up often on the H.I. forum that gives you much more value.

The WWII model (namely 18") is much more similar to the CS Gurkha than the Ang Khola. Ang Khola's do not cut as well because their blade thickness.


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I have a "moderately" sized 15 inch HI AK. Believe me, it is worth every cent. I have a buddy with the cold steele version. Its OK, but he keeps hinting that his next "real" knife will be from HI.